Lots of things to report.....

Hi everyone,

I have lots of things to report on in this post.

Firstly, I would like to thank all my new followers and say thank you for all the lovely comments and interest in my blog.  I would just like to invite people to join the giveaway if they haven't already.  It closes on Friday, 19th August.  You can check out how to join on the previous post to this one.

Next, I have some progress on my HAED project Holbein's Henry VIII:
HAED Henry VIII (Holbein) Page 1- Progress Photo 2
It doesn't look like much but I am pleased with how I am going.

I have also been working on this little Baboushka doll design from Lanarte, which I picked up at Lazy Daisy:

I am really enjoying working on this - the colours are really pretty and it is really easy to stitch. Sweet, isn't it?

Next, I have been doing some more baking - last weekend I made a Lemon Syrup Cake and today I made a Black Magic Cake and a Lasagne:
Lemon Syrup Cake

Black Magic Cake on my favourite Cake Stand

Favourite Cake Stand - "Things taste better in small houses"  Queen Victoria.

I have been doing lots of swimming lately, as I am trying to keep my fitness up.  My blood pressure is up far too high at the moment (I have been working very hard), so swimming, cross stitching, blogging, baking, playing with my kittens and reading are helping me to de-stress.  If you scroll down the sidebar of my blog, you will see my goal laps. It is the distance between Melbourne and New York, which is where DH and I are planning to take our next holiday, next year.  The number of laps is 666560 and I have done 1062 so far!  A long way still to go.

So, lastly, here are a couple of kitten photos:
Furio and Milo having a nap together, and I mean together!

Furio loves baskets - he will climb into any basket that is left lying around.
Anyway, that's it for me tonight - I need to do some stitching!

Bye for now, Kaye xoxox


cucki said…
hello, i am cucki..very lovely stitching..and the most beautiful cats...so sweet..lots of kisses for them from me and from my cat maloo..
yummy food..my mouth is watering..
keep well.love you xx
cucki said…
and i really love your quilted bag..my top fav..
hugs xx
Kaisievic said…
Thanks, Cucki. Maloo - really cute name for a cat. xoxoxo to you and Maloo too.

cheers, Kaye xoxox
Great post, love the cute cats pic.
cucki said…
hello dear, thank you so much for leaving lovely comments on my blog..i am so happy..
thank you that you like maloo name..she is so sweet..my dear princess..
keep well dear..love you..hugs xx
Peggy Lee said…
There is truly nothing better than stitching and baking. I try to do my share of both.

The kitties are adorable!
LOL at Furio in the little basket - our Freddy Fat Cat used to do things like that... in fact, what am I saying! He STILL does things like that, giant that he is :)
Joysze said…
I love your pictures, Kaye.... and that cake looks so yummy!!
Kaisievic said…
@ Peggy Lee, yes, they are both great pastimes aren't they? And I love my kittens.

@Joysze, yes, it was yummy!
mdgtjulie said…
Oh, Kaye, everything looks delicious. (Well, everything but the cats, lol.) Now I'm wanting Lasagna. Thanks for that, lol. I love your babushka. It's darling. And Henry the Eighth is moving along. Your cats are darling. Don't you just love it when they get along! Love the basket pic too. With my Yes Dear, it's boxes. She loves to go in boxes. Silly thing!!
MysteryKnitter said…
You sure can stitch. Scratch the cats for me.

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