Weekend Roundup and Mary Wigham

This weekend I have:

  • been out to dinner at a local RSL (Returned Servicemen's League) and seen some great old Ausssie rockers perform - Jimmy Keays, Russell Morris and Daryl Cotton
  • been lap swimming and for a long walk with a DF around Princes Park
  • had my legs and eye brows waxed
  • visited my Dad for Father's Day
  • done lots of stitching whilst I 
    • caught up with my TV watching:
      • Stargate Universe
      • The Wire
      • The Borgias
  • out to our local Thai restaurant with DH, DS#1, DS#2 and DD and her BF to celebrate Father's Day
So, a good weekend.

With my stitching I did do a bit of a rotation but I ended up working mainly on my latest new design (Oh why? Oh why? do I keep starting new projects?) which is the Mary Wigham (Ackworth School) Sampler.  You can read all about Mary Wigham here on the Needleprint website.  If you scroll down the right hand sidebar you will find various links about Mary Wigham.

Anyway, despite two false starts and lots of frogging, I have finally made some progress on her today.  I have chosen to do something quite different and quite out of my comfort zone.  I am using variegated threads - the wonderful Cottage Garden hand-dyed threads, these are the ones which I used in my 20 Follower Giveaway.  I am really pleased with how it is shaping up.  Here are my progress photos:

This is as far as I have got
The variegated red part is the stitching I have now done three times
Two different sections using different colours - here it looks a little all over the place but in reality it is looking really good (even if I say so myself!)

Well, that is all for me today, I am going to do some more blogging than it is out for yummy Thai food with the family.

Bye for now, love Kaye xoxox
P.S.  I also want to say welcome to all of my new followers.  Lovely to meet you.  K


Anne said…
That's a great start so far on Mary. Too bad about all the frogging :( I love the Borgias and Stargate Universe and have finished both seasons, and the Wire is a show that has been recommended to me by my friends. So maybe I'll start watching that too!

PS almost done with the Queen!
Jennifer M. said…
This is really pretty! I love the look with the variegated thread. Sorry about all of the frogging. That just puts me in a downright foul mood when I have to do that.

Enjoy your Sunday! :)

cucki said…
it is really looking so lovely..love the colors so much..so sad about the frogging:(
Love your Mary Wigham! I have the chart for that, too. I might just have to make a start on it.
SoCal Debbie said…
I am thinking of trying variegated floss sometime soon! It looks great!
Mary is looking great so far, love the red especially.
I love the stitching you have done so far.....

Rachael xxx said…
I love how you are using all Vari threads for this!!

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