Furio fotos..... and a Fabulous Frogger Giveaway

Hello lovely bloggers,

I thought that for NaBloPoMo today I would show you some recent photos of my darling little Furio:

(he does not have my wrapped around his little paw - oh no! lol!)

These first three are of Furio 'helping' me write my chapter for the History book.

Then he decided to start checking out my stash - does he want to help me cross stitch, too?

 Next he thought that he would see what the magpies outside my window are up to.... supervising them, maybe?

 Lastly, tired out by all this, he found a nice soft spot on my bed for a little catnap!

Now, I must tell you about Fabulous Frogger's Fabulous Giveaway - she is giving away some awesome prizes in her first giveaway, and for every new follower she gets she is going to add an extra prize - pretty good, hey? Here are some of the goodies she is giving away so far: a Lavender and Lace pattern 'Angelica', some Wichelt fabric and a thread organiser.  Check her blog out here.

Don't forget my 'Just because' Giveaway, it closes in six days - you can check it out here.

Also, I am nearly at a 100 followers - if I reach 100 by the time the Giveaway closes I will have a second prize to giveaway - not sure what yet but I will think of something good.  So spread the word.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


Cheryll said…
He's very good company... isn't he! Does he spell check too? :)
TammyK said…
Love his stripes :-)
sharine said…
He is a very nice looking(and cheeky) cat!
cucki said…
aww sweetie..kissess for him xxx
Joysze said…
He's adorable, Kaye! :)
Linda said…
Love the pictures of your kitty. Always in the way but you can't help but love them. Mine do the same thing. Please give me another entry in the giveaway.


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