I have run into a problem - any suggestions?

Hello lovely bloggers,

I am hoping that one of you more computer savvy bloggers out there can help me.  I was just merrily trying to add a photo to my blog when blogger told me that I have run out of space in my picasa web albums and I cannot upload any more photos!  Un disastro!  How can I blog and not show off my progress?

Anyway, what do other bloggers do to solve this problem?  Google says that I need to buy more storage.  Is that what everyone does, or can I cull from picasa to create more space?  And if I do buy more space, how much should I buy?

Please help!


P.S. I although I just managed to upload this gif from the albums - maybe the problem is the way I save and upload images?


Daffycat said…
Yes, there is a limited ammount of space for free photos. You can tell how much you LOVE graphics by looking at your blog! Every one of those pictures and designs uses up your allotted space.

Your best bet is to buy more space but there are some options:

You can look through your album and see if there are photos you can delete to free up more room...sometimes you get things in there twice due to glitches. BE CAREFUL!!! If you delete them and they are posted on your blog they will disappear from your blog!

You can also put the photos up on another free photo service and link to them...bothersome.

You can create a new blogger account and start a new blog...really bothersome!

If it was me ~ I'd just buy more room and be careful from now on what photos I upload.
Anonymous said…
Have you looked at how large your photos are? If they are large or have a high dpi they will take up lots of room as well. For instance, if I have my camera on a certain setting my photos come out as large as 13" x 20" when I really only need 3 x 4's or they will be 300 dpi when I only need 72 on the computer. Just another thought.
I had the same problem, so I use photobucket and upload photos to there and copy the link onto blogger,

Gill in Canada
sharine said…
Can you download straight from your computer to blogger? I do that and use photobucket as well.
Peggy Lee said…
I had the same problem some time ago and received several tips like the ones above, but to tell you the truth all I did was shut my computer off for a day or so and when I went back to try again it worked! I have no idea what I did (if anything).
Please let us know how you fix this. I am curious to know in case it happens again.
Cheryll said…
All the above comments are great. Make sure you always compress your pic's too before you upload them. :)
I use photobucket - you get way more free storage space :)
Rachael G said…
I use Webshot and photobucket!!
cucki said…
oh dear..this is not nice..now ia m getting scared too..i hope you solve this problem soon and please tell us how you did it..
good luck xxx
purplesunset24 said…
You can use a free photo uploading site like photobucket. Also you can resize your photos in a photo program like Paint Shop Pro.

Hope you can find a solution.
SoCal Debbie said…
I like Daffycat's comment about the graphics on your blog using up space. Maybe the falling hearts takes up a lot. Try turning them off and see if that helps.
Mary Joan said…
I use "paint" to make my photo's smaller. My camera will also take photo's for posting on the web, but I have been known to forget to put it back on the normal setting!

Hope all gets sorted soon.
Joysze said…
I'm with Daffycat.

I used Picasa exclusively for all my photos and I buy extra storage. Cost? $5USD per year for 20 GB. Just to give you an idea, with all the photos I have, I'm using 1GB.

You can access this option from bottom of your Picasa album. Just click on Upgrade.
jennilynn said…
I upload photos directly from my computer onto my blog it takes no time at all and then I can resize them before I add them.
Dani - tkdchick said…
Hope you solve your problem in 9 yrs of blogging this hasn't happened to me.... Yet
Anne said…
Aw Kaye that's too bad and a bit frustrating too! I just read the above comments to see the suggestions and until you posted this, I had no clue that there was a limited amount of space one could have! Now I'm going to be extra careful and try some of the advice. Good luck and hopefully there will be a good solution for you!

Stitching Noni said…
Hi Kaye

Hope you managed to get the photo storage sorted!


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