We have a winner!

Well, we have a winner of the Ladies who Lunch mini competition..... but oh, I need to tell you that I had a very good Australia Day on Thursday as I had not one but two Happy Dances.  Unfortunately I cannot show you any pics as they are both pieces for exchanges.  For both of them I took some freebie designs but then modified them to suit the exchange theme and experimented with my Cottage Garden overdyed threads.  I must say that I am pleased with the results.

Now, I was talking of my winner.... but, wait, my TUSAL update is late, here is my January TUSAL jar:

Do you like the fabric which it is sitting on? It is the backing fabric for the Love and Friendship Exchange piece (it is a lovely piece of quilting fabric from my stash).

Now, I was thinking of my winner when I visited my LNS and did some more Stash Empire Building and bought this absolutely gorgeous Mirabilia design

Cinderella by Mirabilia
To be stitched on 32 count Smokey Grey linen
I  have started but, of course, there was some frogging involved.

And, I was thinking some more about my winner of the Ladies who Lunch mini competition when I was packing for Queensland - I am leaving very early in the morning for a work conference at Sanctuary Cove.  Unfortunately, it is always full on so I won't have too much time to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.  It also means that I won't be able to visit blogland until I get back on Tuesday night.  But I will be thinking of you all.

Now, to the big announcement:

What did I have for dessert when I Lunched with the Ladies?  I loved all of your reasonings and some of you were very clever how you worked it out.

I chose this as my dessert:

THE LEMON TART!!!!!  It was absolutely yum!

So, lots of bloggers actually worked this out (or had lucky guesses) so my friend, the Random generator worked his magic and chose:

Congratulations, Kate, please email me on KayeDeP@gmail.com with your snailmail address and I will post you your mystery prize when I get back from my trip up North (I am actually coming up your way tomorrow)

Thank you to everyone who entered - I hope that you had fun.  It was a fun giveaway to host.

I would also like to let all the winners of my other giveaways know that I have not forgotten about them - I intend to do a big post office trip when I get back from Queensland on Wednesday.

Well, that is all from me now - I need to download some books onto my kindle for my plane trip tomorrow and get some more stitching in.



well done to Kate........mine was a very lucky guess!!!

Enjoy your work trip and look forward to hearing all your news when you get back,

Gill in Canada
cucki said…
congratulations to kate :)
enjoy your work trip,,i love the new cinderella stitching..so sweet..
big hugs cucki xx
Nicola said…
Congratulations to Kate. Cinderella by Mirabilia looks amazing and I am looking forward to seeing your progress.
Rachael G said…
Well done Kate!!
I like cindrella, Look forward to seeing you stitch that!
Shirlee said…
Congratulations Kate! Blessings, Shirlee
Lynn said…
Congratulations Kate! This was such a fun giveaway,
I have seen the Mirabilia Cinderella stitched up and it is gorgeous!! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.
Joysze said…
Congrats to Kate. :D
Linda said…
Hi Kaye. Have fun on your trip and don't work to hard. Congrats to Kate.

Jan said…
Well done Kate. I am very pleased I chose the right dessert. I am loving your new pattern. Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale. Can't wait to follow your progress. Happy conferencing!
Hope you have a good trip! Love the new stash and will be looking forward to seeing your progress on it. Congratulations to Kate!!!!
marly said…
As soon as I saw the dessert photo, all else was forgotten.
Ewa said…
Stunning Mirabilia design choice, Kaye. Look forward to seeing it stitched up.
Joyus said…
Glad to hear you've taken to Agatha Raisin, I'm currently on book 13 so if you keep going as fast as you are you'll probably overtake me soon!

Good luck with Cinderella, I hope the frogs stay away from now on
Kathy Ellen said…
Congratulations to Kate! Have a perfectly wonderful trip to Queensland! Hope you get a little stitching time there:)

Blessings in Stitches!
Stitching Noni said…
Congratulations Kate! I would have chosen the lemon tart S well - it is one of my favorites! Love the backing fabric. Hope the conference went well ;0)

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