Late February TUSAL, plus a big thank you..

Well, here is my February, TUSAL jar - I took this photo on my desk at work.  In the top left hand corner is my new Dell laptop - it is a little beauty.
 Below is a close up of my jar, all of the white and purply coloured threads are from Cinderella.
I would like to offer a big thank you to everyone who has been giving me all the great packing advice for our big trip to the U.S in March.  I am running this as a competition - if you comment on this post  and offer me some advice as to what I should pack, you get a chance to win a Mystery Prize.   I would be happy with any and all suggestions, so please join in.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone.

 Now, here is my darling DD with her cat, Milo - gorgeous, aren't they?
 ... and here is Furio sleeping in yet another strange sleeping position -  I will have to send it to Nicola of Stitching by a Cornish Seashore for her strange sleeping position competition.
 Now, last week I was in Sydney for work and I stayed at this great serviced apartment, the Meriton on Kent. It was huge for just one person, with a kitchenette, a separate bedroom and bathroom and really centrally located with a gym and a lap pool.  I can recommend it if you ever need to stay in Sydney. Here are some pics which I took on my phone.

Happy stitching everyone,



cucki said…
aww lovely orts..and beautiful apartment pictures..looking so lovely..
lots of love for you cucki xx
Joysze said…
Love the pics!!! US in early March, huh? I'd pack comfy short and long sleeves and some light jackets.
Jan said…
You have to take Cadbury chocolate as overseas chocolate always tastes so different! Your trip is sooo exciting. I have stayed at Meriton in Sydney and Broadbeach and have always been impressed!
Nancy said…
Hi Kaye,
If you will be in NY and DC for several days your best bet would be to bring a pair or two of long underwear. Then at least one heavy sweater or sweatshirt. Then pack lighter clothing for such as short sleeves and jeans for Nashville and San Francisco. If it is cooler in TN at the time you still have either the long underwear top or bottom that you could wear for extra warmth. Mainly wear comfortable walking or tennis shoes. Two pair in case you get caught in some snow in NY or DC or even some mud in TN. Or you could pack very light and just buy what you need when you get here. After all, NY does have that big fashion district. Hahaha
beagleAnnie said…
DD and Milo are so beautiful, and Furio made me laugh.
The accommodation looks very cozy and attractive, Kaye.
Kathy Ellen said…
How wonderful that you will be travelling to the U.S. in March! The weather has been unseasonably unpredictable so far this winter, so it is probably a good idea to pack both some lightweight long and shortsleeved tops and slacks that are interchangeable. Coordinating sweaters that could mix & match with outfits is always a must, and some warm socks or tights if travelling in the Northeast. Of course one never knows if there will be rain or perhaps a snow shower or two, so some comfortable, all purpose shoes are a must.
Hope your trip is all that you hope it will be too!
What fantastic accomodations you had in Sidney!
Brigitte said…
Lovely pics of your daughter and Milo.
Anne said…
Lovely Daughter and kitty!! Not sure what you should pack for the US. I guess a selection of sweaters and shirts...layering I suppose. It's what we do here in Vancouver when the weather gets testy!!
Shelleen said…
Packing for NY I would say layers. I live by Buffalo and for March we can be in the 5o's one day and then the next day get hit by a blizzard. March and April can be our worse months. So layers is a must.
Mangogirl said…
lovely picks :D
Nicola said…
Gorgeous pics! Looks like a great time is being had!
I have a second reason to be here though.. I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog award and I am passing it on to you. Details on my blog here

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