I hate frogging!

Now I am not talking about taking out a few stitches here and there - that I can deal with easily.  But when you are merrily stitching away, smugly thinking to yourself "Oh, Cinderella is such a joy to stitch - I am doing so well" and then bang!  You find that you have totally messed up somewhere, miscounted and whole sections do not match!  Aaaaaghhhhh!

Here is Cinderella before The Frogging Incident:

[Thanks to Julie for telling me via her last post about being able to jazz up your photos with a free online programme "picmonkey" - Check it out at www.picmonkey.com - it is free (for the moment anyway) and really easy to use.]

And here is Cinderella today:  (sorry, I didn't have a chance to iron her)
And I have zoomed into show you my problem - the green is just not meeting up with the pinks!  Double Aaaaaghhhh!

Oh well, back to the frogging!

Here is a picture of Furio to finish off:



it suck when that happens, but the finished product will make it all worth while,

Anonymous said…
Oh what a shame! She is looking beautiful though!
Shirlee said…
So sorry about the frogging but of course we've all done it. Making a mistake in our stitching causing us to frog is bad enough but I just finished working on a small project that had quite a few errors in the chart! I make enough errors on my own ... I don't need them charted out for me ... lol! Better luck on Cindy next time : )
Lesleyanne said…
So sorry you had to frog but she looks gorgeous.
valerie said…
Oh no! How terrible...those frogs are pesky! She looks wonderful though. I am trying to be careful on my Fairy Moon stitching because I am dreading those frogs too.
mdgtjulie said…
Glad you enjoyed Picmonkey. It's awesome, isn't it? Furio is gorgeous, of course. Give him a scritch from me. And as for Cinderella, sigh... I'm so sorry you're frogging. It's awful when that happens. I hope you figure out where the mistake is easily, and you don't have to frog much. (Unrealistic, you bet. Hey, it could happen. But probably not in this dimension, lol.) Seriously, I hope you don't have to frog out too much, Kaye. Good luck with it!!
Cheryll said…
OH NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo! :(
Stitching Noni said…
Oh no! I really do feel for you. Cinderella looks gorgeous though. Good to see Furio is trying to help catch those nasty frogs! ;0)
Chris said…
Cinderella is looking beautiful Kaye. I am sorry that the frogs are visiting :(
Mangogirl said…
gorgeous stitching :D

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