Update re my Mum, an even bigger thank you and Weekend away in Olinda - Part 3

An even bigger thank you goes out to all my blogging friends for the kind prayers and good wishes you are sending to my mother and father.  It is still a worrying time for us, as the coughing and hacking which accompanies pneumonia is putting a greater strain on her heart.  So, all we can do is continue to pray and hope for a good recovery.  I do so appreciate the support of my stitchy friends at this time.

I am stitching but not up to taking pics, so I thought that I would show you some more of our Olinda weekend away - it seems an oasis free from worry, now. 

This is Miss Marples, a gorgeous teahouse all  done up as if it were in St Mary Mead.  Miss Marple herself and Agatha Christie would be proud.

There is a teas shop, Tea Leaves, which sells hundreds of types of tea plus absolutely gorgeous teapots and cups.
A unique antique French work table for ladies:

Sunset from the balcony of our apartment:

Dessert from the fantastic restaurant we went to on Saturday night, Wild Oak

The view West from the top of Mount Dandenong (if you squint hard enough you can just see our house - lol!).  There is a great restaurant, cafe, gardens, maze, you name it at the top aptly  called Skyhigh

The gardens around the peak of Mount Dandenong:

TraderVic and I at the Wishing Tree:

Wishing tree

The legend of the wishing tree began around 1900.
This area was heavily wooded and a 4 year old boy, Billy Langton became lost.
His father searched everywhere and finally came to this spot.  He wished he could find his son and as he looked through the circle in the tree he saw young Billy squatting beside the creek.
Local legend says if you wish hard enough and look through the magic circle your wish will come true!

This lady was brave enough to pick up this kookaburra who was trapped inside when he flew in to steal people's food!

Here he is again,  no worse for wear:

Well, that is all for now.  Take care all my dear blogging friends,

all my love,


mdgtjulie said…
The tea rooms look so cool to explore. I've never been to a proper tea room, lol. (I only like iced tea, too, so I probably wouldn't like it, lol.) Dessert looks delicious. Chocolate and cherries, yum!!! Poor bird. He was probably terrified when she picked him up!! I've heard of a Kookaburra bird, but that's the first time I've ever seen one. He's cute. I'm still saying prayers for your mom. Well, actually, your whole family. I know it's hard when a parent is sick. I'm hoping for the best outcome for you!!!!
Bea said…
Great photos Kaye - love the look of the tea house. Prayers continue for your mom and family.
Anonymous said…
lovely pics Kaye,will keep sending prayers and hugs to you all.xx
Valma said…
thanks for having taken time to share those great pics with us Kaye
indeed, the tea shop seems to be a wonderful place to be !
all my thoughts are still crossing the sea to reach you and your parents
take care
big hugs
gracie said…
I so enjoyed taking the trip with you! Thank you for sahring the lovely pictures.
Cheryll said…
Hope everyday bring your mum a little closer to being well again!
Loved my tour with you and seeing the great pic's. Cheers :)
Linda said…
What a lovely place! I continue to send prayers your way for your parents...take care!!
Solstitches said…
I hope your mum continues to do well and that she will soon be better.
I loved the picture show. The tea house is wonderful and oh, that lady's work table is beautiful!
Chris said…
I hope that your Mom continues to improve daily! Sending good thoughts her way.
You guys really had an amazing trip. I am loving all the pics.
Shirlee said…
Continued prayers & good wishes being sent for your mom, dad, & of course for you : ) That tea shop looks wonderful! Wish I could visit : ) Cool story about the wishing tree : ) Loved seeing & hearing more about your trip. Thanks for the photos : )
Anne said…
I am wishing your mom a speedy recovery. Love your photos of your trip! I adore Miss Marple and Agatha would be proud!! WOW! That woman is very brave! I originally thought she was a bird trainer by the way she was handling the bird!

Faith... said…
What beautiful views! I love the teapots. Hope you guys made some great wishes.

Still praying for your parents!
Catherine said…
Lovely pics - I love the Wishing Tree and the story behind it!!!
Continued thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
Kaisievic said…
On behalf of Chiara:
again, my best wishes to you and your family..
you know I love your pics from Down Under.. (at the kookaburra I got green with envy..!! :D)

have the best time possible, and do take care..
a big hug,
Stitching Noni said…
I am so sorry to hear your Mum is ill. I am behind in my blog stalking & only read about your Mum this morning. It is always a worry when elderly parents get ill. I hope your Dad is getting over his cold too. Great photos. Love the tea house. Take care, hugs xx
marly said…
Hope her recovery continues and your dad stays well! Enjoyed the scenery.
Dani - tkdchick said…
I am continuing to send healing thoughts!

Glad to hear you're stitching! I look forward to pictures when you can post them.
~Narita said…
Oh Kaye,

I hope your mom gets better real soon. Mine was in the hospital for just over 3 months (heart-got the valve replacement, still leaked... stomach troubles, diabetes, kidney troubles) I was worried she wouldnt make it home, so I did everything I needed in case she left so I wouldn't feel as bad. She stitched me a pretty iris that I hadnt framed for years (they just seem to fly by) so I framed it & showed it to her. I would have felt extra terrible if she died before I did that. Just please make sure you do everything you ever wanted to.


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