IHSW... it was a busy weekend!

Here is my slightly late IHSW update....

We had a bit of a family drama on Saturday (all turned out well in the end, luckily) so not as much stitching was done as I had planned to do, although I did finish some stitching for an exchange (so sorrry, no pics).

On Sunday, TraderVic and I drove up to Monbulk in the Dandenong Ranges with DS1 to pick up an amp which he had bought on ebay.

It is so pretty up there:

DS1 shouted us to lunch at The Mountain Grande Tearooms, I found this review on a foodie's blog, here.

We had a delicious lunch and devonshire tea and I also bought a pretty to hang my keys on:

But what about your stitchy progress which you can show us? I hear you say.  Well, here is my BEFORE photo of Day 2 of Santa's 12 Days of Christmas:

.... and here is my AFTER IHSW photo:

I am pretty pleased with my progress - a few sessions on the train on the way to work this week and I will be done!

Last night my DF, Marie (of walking around Princes Park each Sunday morning fame) and I went to see the movie "The Sessions".  It is about a man disabled by polio who despite living most of his life in an iron lung, has a keen wit, a great sense of humour and is a poet.  At the age of 38 he hires a sex surrogate to help him lose his virginity. It was written and directed by a Melbourne filmmaker, Ben Lewin, himself a survivor of polio.  It won some awards at the Sundance Festival.  It is a beautiful, humourous, yet moving film (it brings you to tears at times) and is most thought-provoking as well.  I can highly recommend it.

.... and just to finish,  here is my gorgeous Furio, lying all dappled in the sun,  I wonder if he dreams of being a lion on the savannah?

Have a great day everyone,



Bea said…
Kaye, Day 2 is coming along beautifuly. Love your new key holder. And thanks for the movie review - I've seen it advertised and wondered if it would be worth seeing when it gets here.
Nicola said…
What a lovely key rack. I have just the place to hang it.
Parsley said…
Great progress. I love orange kitties!
cucki said…
Beautiful stitching and I love place so much..so lovely
Cute kitty xxx
SoCal Debbie said…
Hurray! You got so much done on Santa! That's a lot of red stitching, isn't it?
Jane and Chris said…
Oh yes, Furio looks like a lion to me!
Jane x
sharine said…
Great progress.Furio looks the picture of contentment:)
Angela said…
Great progress on the 12 days of Christmas!
love the progress on the 12 days of Christmas. Also love the key hanger thingy!!

Furio is a lion I agree.

Linda said…
Great progress on Santa, Kaye. Don't get to far ahead of me. I've barely started Santa 3. lol Furio looks very happy.

Sisbabestitches said…
Such great progress. The 'Hills" are just gorgeous, especially now it isn't quite so cold. And a lovely 'pretty' you picked up :)
youve made awesome progress on your PS stitch and Furio knows where to find the sunny spot - hugs, Amanda
Mii Stitch said…
Great stitching!!! Sounds like you had a lovely day out too. Mii, x
Valma said…
Of course we love seeing your stitchings, but we also love reading your adventures and seeing your pictures =D
Your key rack is lovely
happy stitching
big hugs
Denise SA said…
Great progress on your stitching and that Devonshire tea sounds good
Emma/Itzy said…
Great progress on your project! I have seen this film advertised I am sure, I will have to look out for it :) My two kittys miss the sun in winter, instead curling up in a ball on my bed hehehe
Caitlin Jordan said…
Gorgeous stitching :D
EvalinaMaria said…
All is lovely, the stitching and the key holder. I noticed that you are stitching Quaker Christmas II. I think I will join you in SAL with Amanda. I hope is not too late, there were only 2 Wednesdays... I have the chart, the fabric and the floss... what say you?
Kaisievic said…
HI EvalinaMaria - absolutely fine by me - the more the merrier. Just pop over to Amanda's blog and double check with her though - her blog is linked to my SAL on my sidebar.
EvalinaMaria said…
Thank you, I left a note on Amanda's blog too. And, I see, I've met another HAED lover :)

Evalina, This and that...

Your progress is beautiful! :D
Nice progress on your stitching.

Your key hanger is wasted on key though, it'd look great with lots of ornies hung from it!
What a great post Kaye...a little bit of everything...I love how you can get cross stitch done on the train!
The Maiden said…
Wow, you made some great progress! All those reds!

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