Such joy when I arrived home....

Imagine my joy when I arrived home to find a parcel of goodies which I had ordered from the lovely Isabella from  The Primitive Hare waiting for me:

I had bought this e-pattern from her the other week - just feeding some more of two of my addictions - cross stitch and The Tudors!

Isn't it gorgeous? Here is a link to Isabella's etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing the pattern. But, of course, I had to order a piece of Isabella's special hand-dyed fabbie to stitch it on - 30 ct hand-dyed Old Salem linen and then how could I resist a pair of Anne Boleyn's own scissors????  lol!

Oh, such a joyful sense of pleasure when I arrive home!

Isabella has just posted a sweet freebie pattern for Thanksgiving, which you can check out here.

NOW, I feel that I owe a bit of an apology to my 11 Days of Kaisievic's Birthday Giveaway winners - I have not forgotten you but I have just been really busy at work and with my family and the only time I get to blog or cross stitch or organise my giveaways is when the Post Office is shut.  But I will get your gifts to you soon, I promise.  I hope that you all understand.

On that note, I must also say, that I am really behind in both my blog reading and my email replies to comments.  Please know that I try to visit as many blogs as I can regularly but it is just an impossible task to keep up with really (a bit like the tasks of Hercules) and I do read all of your comments and appreciate them greatly.  Love you all!

Just to finish off my post and to prove that we do, in fact have two furbabies, here is a pic of our lovely Milo:

Do you think that he is comfortable sleeping like that?

Have a great day, everyone - must get ready for work!



Parsley said…
Oh I LOVE the fabric! Sweet goodies.

Hope you got my email.
Bea said…
Now THAT'S a wonderful parcel to come home to. Love it all - the pattern, the fabric and the scissors.

Cats sleep in the weirdest positions, don't they? And then wake up without being stiff and sore. It's not fair! LOL
Catherine said… all of your goodies! Enjoy!
Sweet kitty....
Anne said…
Ooooh!! Drooling over here Kaye! I'm going to have to get that pattern too! Now you have that Queen E pattern, King Henry and this one to stitch up for your Tudor wall!! How amazing are those scissors and that old linen! Thanks for the link I will have to check out her Etsy shop soon!! Love Milo's "comfy" sleep position!!

cucki said…
Wow I love all of your goodies..lucky day.
Hugs xx
sharine said…
Love that pattern and I think a pair of those scissors might have my name all over them:)
marly said…
Sweet kitty! And a nice batch of goodies. That fabric and the design are good-looking!
SoCal Debbie said…
What a great pattern that looks perfect for you! Thank you for the link to the Give Thanks chart.
Margaret said…
Oh I love what you ordered and got!!!! Lucky you! I love the Tudors and Elizabeth I and all that stuff. Very nice!!! Love the pic of your kitty -- so cute!
Linda said…
Love the new chart you got Kaye. And all the other goodies. Milo looks very comfy in kitty dreamland.

I HAVE to have a pair of those scissors!!!

AnaCristina said…
Milo looks very happy!
Fiore said…
Nice shopping! I love the Primitive Hare and the fabric is gorgeous.
Christine M said…
What gorgeous goodies Kaye. Enjoy playing with them.
Mouse said…
oooo very nice bit of stash enhancing :) love those scissors but the star of the show is milo love mouse xxxxx
Yana Hanim said…
wow they are beautiful reminded me Philippa Gregory books that i have been addicted to :)
Mii Stitch said…
Lovely new stash!!! Can't wait to see your progress on these ☺
Chris said…
Lovely new stash from the Primitive Hare.
Hugs to you and Milo.
Shirlee said…
Isn't Isabella's linen the best? I love using it! Great additions to your stash! I hope things get a little less hectic for you soon. Cat's are a hoot, aren't they? Sophie sleeps in such weird positions sometimes! I wish I was half that bendy : )
Gorgeous stash! I love how old-fashioned everything looks. :D
I knew this design was perfect for you as soon as I saw it!
Love the fabric and the scissors too.
rosey175 said…
Milo MUST be comfortable; look at that happy-kitty smile! Wonderful stash, those scissors are great!!
Valma said…
woooo, this is the perfect design for you =)
the fabric is amazing and you definitely took the good decision when you decided to offer you all these gifts =D
you must be very impatient
big hugs
Carin said…
WOW ... beautiful goodies !!!
OMG Kaye beautiful the cross stitch...the scissors...everything! Totally understand about not keeping up...I'm a bit the same with this play having gone on with rehearsals etc!
Stitching Noni said…
Oh drooling!! Great stuff you have :)
Love Milo - he does look very comfy!

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