I am going to be....

a tad busy!

I can tell you I am rather in shock - in a good way, of course.  You may remember from this post that DS1 and his girlfriend became engaged a few months ago.  Well, DS1 returned from meeting her family in Taiwan last week and within 24 hours it was all go on a January wedding in Australia  - yes, that is next January!  With a wedding in Taiwan to follow in December, 2015.  After all, why have one wedding, when you can have two?  To honour both cultures.

Gorgeous pic of my daughter-in-law to be, they are at the Baseball in Taiwan (hence the straw)
So, as this first wedding is in Australia, TraderVic and I are helping them organise it (well, mainly me, of course) - two months to organise a wedding - no sweat!

Sadly, for us, about two days after the January wedding, they will be moving up to Queensland for DS1 to take up a teaching post there.  So, there will be lots of tears in January - both happy and sad!

So, if my blog posts are a bit erratic over the next few months, you will know why!

However, we have swung into gear.  We have already found a gorgeous venue - Studley Park Boathouse, Kew.

In fact, on Saturday, we chose and booked  a venue, organised hair and makeup for the bride and her four bridesmaids, chose a wedding cake and organised a wedding photographer! Not bad for one day's work. (I also fitted in visiting my Dad for lunch and dinner and movie with some friends - lol!)

Well, I do have lots of other stuff to tell you and show you but the train is calling and I must go to work very shortly, so that will have to wait.  Probably until next week now as Marie and I are doing a belated Halloween night tour of the Melbourne General Cemetery tonight and Sat morning TraderVic and I are taking my Dad up to Ballarat for Sat/Sun to visit my uncle and aunt - should be fun.

Okay, gotta go, wish me lots of luck for these happy two months coming up.



Vickie said…
WOW! Wish you lots of luck is right!! You are doing great thus far! Have a blast with it!♥
Jacquie Morris said…
WOW!! Wonderful news :)
Congratulations to them both and oooh your going to be busy! Oh but its a 'fun' busy and you will love it I am sure. How lovely to have 2 weddings... oooh will there be photos?
Have you started the count down? Enjoy!! :)

Smiles :)
Anonymous said…
Awesome news Kaye.xx
Christine M said…
How exciting, Kaye. By the sounds of it you already have it under control!
Wonderful news Kaye. All the best with your arrangements. Hope you enjoyed your tour x
Margaret said…
Wow, that is short notice on the wedding! Good luck getting everything set up and organized. I know it will be a wonderful occasion, although having the newlyweds move away right after will be sad.
Linda said…
Sounds like your doing just great with the organizing Kaye. But I'll wish you good luck with the rest of it.

gracie said…
Do you own roller skates??? You will need them...congratulations to all.
rosey175 said…
o wow, congrats and good luck keeping calm!! Or maybe it's better to be uncalm haha. \(^u^)/
Bea said…
You are in for a hectic couple of months, but what a great reason. Good luck with it all.
Preeti said…
Congrats on the good news !!:) Enjoy the preparations and wedding .
butterfly said…
Great news, wishing you all the best of luck with every thing , have fun .
Amazing news! I had two weddings too, in two different countries, but they were a week apart. It's going to be so much fun for you! I can't believe you got so much done in one day. Great job! :D
Thoeria said…
That is such happy news Kaye! Yes definitely a busy few months ahead to get everything organised!
Robyn of Oz said…
That is absolutely extraordinary! To be able to find a venue on what would be considered such short notice, is pretty darn amazing. It just goes to show that it is really meant to be!
The bright side of DS1 moving to Queensland is lovely holidays in winter. :)
Denise SA said…
Wonderful news wishing well on all the organising.
cucki said…
Great news my dear
Well done x
Mii Stitch said…
So exciting! Have fun ;)
marly said…
My head spins when I read of how much you do! Good for you. You accomplish a lot and have fun too!
Congratulations! You will definitely be busy but it will be fun!AriadnefromGreece!
Frances N said…
What exciting and fun news for you!
You are really a "ball of fire," getting all of those things accomplished on Saturday!! Sounds like this will be an "easy task" for you!! (LOL--just kidding!)
Anyway, take some good vitamins and you'll be fine!
I LOVE the venue for the wedding--it looks really pretty!
Good luck on everything!
Congratulations !!! Two weddings - it is interesting, but why not two? The more, the more love:-)
Congratulations! I'm sure both weddings will be so much fun and so interesting to compare too.

I arranged my wedding in only three months but we did have the evening venue already because we ran a music venue then. We also sweet talked the vicar into letting us have the ceremony the morning of the church fete if we promised to be out by 1pm.

Looking forward to seeing your Mother of the Bride outfits.
Or Mother of The Groom, to be actually correct!
Brigitte said…
Wonderful news. And you found a great place for the wedding. Have fun with all the preparation of the wedding :))

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