What a weekend! .... Part One

Well, this past weekend was megabusy but superfun!  It all started on Friday, which was TraderVic and my 33rd Wedding Anniversary!

Before I go any further, I should say that TraderVic is the best husband, father and friend that anyone could have and that I feel so lucky and blessed to be sharing my life with him.  I love him to bits!

Unfortunately, Friday was a workday so the celebrations could not begin until Friday night. But when I arrived home, TraderVic surprised me with this wonderful gift:

A beautiful teapot and two matching cups and saucers.  I had admired them in T2 several weeks back and TraderVic remembered and went back to buy them for me.  Aren't they just so gorgeous?

Then, we went out to dinner with our dear friends, Linda and Terry to the most fabulous Thai restaurant in Alphington: Paladarr Thai.

The decor was so interesting and the food was absolutely marvellous:

... and I will leave you with a photo of Linda and I trying to take a clever selfie!

Next post I will fill you in on the other exciting things I did on the rest of the weekend and I might even dig up a photo of TraderVic and I on our wedding day for you!

love to you all and lots of hugs,


Christine M said…
Happy anniversary, Kaye.
Deb said…
Happy anniversary!!
Amazing teapot set! Absolutely love them
Carol said…
Happy Anniversary to you and TraderVic, Kaye :) Sounds like an idea dinner--the food looks amazing :)
Bea said…
Oh my goodness, what a GORGEOUS tea set! And your dinner out looks very delicious.

Happy Anniversary!
Heather said…
Happy anniversary! The tea set is gorgeous! I don't normally drink tea but that is so pretty
Margaret said…
Happy belated anniversary! DH and I will have been married 32 years this year, one less than you and Trader Vic. :D Love your tea set, and the food and restaurant look fantastic!
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye ,happy anniversary ,love all that yummy food and boy that tea set is gorgeous,your hubby has good taste xx
sharine said…
Happy Anniversary to you both. The tea set is beautiful:)
Barb said…
Congratulations to you both! The tea set is beautiful and so nice that he remembered! The food looked very tasty!
Linda said…
Happy Anniversary Kaye and Trader Vic. Sounds like a fun evening.

butterfly said…
Happy Anniversary Kaye.
Love your gift , looks like you had some fun.
Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous tea set!!!
love Annette
Vickie said…
Happy Anniversary to you both! What a guy. Love that he remembered what you very much liked. :)
Happy anniversary!! Lovely teapot. Dinner looks FABULOUS!!
Ariadne said…
Happy anniversary and many more to come!AriadnefromGreece!
Anthea said…
Congrats to you & TV on your wonderful anniversary, Kaye!
The teapot & cups are just gorgeous - enjoy!
KimM said…
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! (I'm waving)…and what a great dinner - the teapot and cups are stunning, Kaye! You definitely married a keeper!!
Aww, that's such a sweet gift! Happy Anniversary, Kaye! :D
Brigitte said…
Happy anniversary, Kaye! And enjoy this wonderful teapot and cups that you got from your husband.
Dear Kaye, I congratulate you on the anniversary!
You have received a wonderful gift! Teapot and cups love!
The Thai restaurant I also like :-))
Good food!
I look forward to the contribution from the weekend!
Happy anniversary to you both. What a thoughtful gift too.
The food looks lovely but maybe your blog should be called Delicious Kittens because you are always showing us your meals!! And not sharing LOL
Frances N said…
Happy Anniversary! I absolutely love your tea set!!! It is just beautiful!!
Miamina said…
Happy Anniversary (bit late, sorry)! I love that tea set, so bright and beautiful! That meal looks yummy!

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