Weekend roundup....

Okay, time for my weekend round up...

Let's start with Friday night which was Friday Night with Friends (FNwF)  virtual stitching night which is run by the wonderful Cheryll, you can check out her blog to see what everyone else got up to this month.

It is also my own personal Friday Frolics night (see this post here for an explanation or if you want to join in the fun), well, it was a bit of a bust - it started out well, when I picked up as my FF, "Strawberry House" by LHN.

This is what it looked like on Friday night:

Then I stitched quite a bit BUT then I realised that I had made a mistake halfway through, so then I frogged, stitched some more, made a different mistake, some more frogging and ended up here:

Luckily, I found some more time to work on SH on Sunday and so it is now sitting at this point:

So, some progress has been made, although somehow I have lost my Ladybug floss - oh no, does that mean another trip to my LNS?

Saturday, DD and I took TraderVic out for Father's Day (yes, I know, a day early) to Farm Vigano in South Morang.  We were so surprised by all of the traffic on a Saturday afternoon along Plenty Road - where was everyone going, we wondered.

We had a great lunch with a wonderful view.

(Neither DD nor TraderVic are keen to have their photo taken, so that is why there are no pics of them).

Saturday night, DD bought us tickets for the movies, so TraderVic and I went to see 

The Man from U.N.C.L.E

Oh, it was so much fun!  Loved the ladies' 60s dresses. 

Sunday was water aerobics, household chores, lots of baking and some more stitching.

Here are the kittens supervising me completing my household chores.

And here is all of the cooking I managed to squeeze into the day:  Salmon with soba noodle salad and wasabi "mayo", Lemon slice (took most of it into work and it is nearly all gone!) and rhubarb and apple crumble (one of TraderVic's favourite desserts).

I started a new Halloween piece, called "Moon and Spider, Apple Cider" by Needlework Press - it is stitching up quite fast so far!

... and I leave you with a photo of my 96 year old Dad on Father's Day - looking good, isn't he?

Well, that is all from me for now, don't forget if you want to join Friday Frolics, just comment on this post here or send me an email.



Christine M said…
It's lovely at Farm Vigarno, isn't it! Plenty Road is like that all the time, Kaye. They keep building 100's of houses out there. All that food looks delicious. Your Dad does look good. xx
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye,what a lovely post,oh you are just as good a cook as as you are a stitcher,well done my friend,on your beautiful work and yummy food.xx
Heather said…
Great post you get so much done in a day! Sorry about all the frogging you had to do I hope you banished him :) Your dad looks great!
marly said…
Glad you shared a pic of your dad. He looks like a sweet gentleman. Enjoyed the cannoli pic too as they have been on my mind! What a lovely spot to dine.
Cath said…
What a great weekend with family, food and stitching! We are having a similar dish to your salmon on the menu this week. Looks yummy with the cabbage (I imagine that is what it is) I will have to add that to my recipe.
Barb said…
What a nice week-end. Who could pass up on great stitching, going out for great food and spending time with your dear father, who does look wonderful.
Justine said…
Looks like a great weekend! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Sorry about the frog - hope he's gone now!
Vickie said…
I enjoyed the picture of the two cats.
Your Dad looks very happy. :)
That sounds like a wonderful weekend!
Dear Kaye, your weekend was again used at 100%!
Beautiful embroidery!
Cooking and baking - yum!
I really like your father! He looks very well and happy!
I wish him a lot of health!
Bea said…
What a great weekend! The food looks so yummy. Wretched frog - why they can't stay in their ponds is beyond me. SH is still looking good though. Wonderful picture of your dad.
Brigitte said…
Wow, another busy weekend, you were up to so many wonderful things - and you were even squeezing some stitching in. A great place where you were having lunch on Saturday. Pictures of DD and DH would have been sweet, but the replacement pictures of these wonderful sweet treats were satisfying as well, lol.
Lovely stitching! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I just saw The Man from U.N.C.L.E this week too - loved it! :D
Sorry about the attack of frogs, sometimes they do come in packs!
Happy Father's Day to your Dad. Our's was in June.
Jennifer M. said…
How frustrating! All that time stitching only to rip it out. Ugh!

Sounds like you had a pleasant weekend otherwise. :) Your dad looks great for 96.
Margaret said…
Bummer about the frogging. :( Love the Moon and Spider piece. Looks like you had a fun weekend -- don't like traffic though. Your dad looks so spry! Happy belated Father's Day to everyone!
Carol said…
What a handsome guy your dad is, Kaye--and 96! So very wonderful :) I shouldn't have opened your post as those lovely looking desserts are calling my name and I haven't even eaten my breakfast yet!!

Hope the frogs have left for good--happy stitching :)
AnaCristina said…
Your father are better than me!
Stitching Noni said…
What a great weekend you all had! :o)
It never ceases to amaze me how those frogs chose a particular piece and just keep visiting it!
Hugs xx

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