April Smalls SAL update....

Oh, I have a couple of very happy dances for you this month for the Smalls SAL... ...

First up is Henry Viii...

Historic Royal Palaces Kit (gifted to me my by the gorgeous Jo)
28 ct Willow linen
Own choice of floss and beads
Finish #11 for DUCJFC2016

Secondly, is my Christmas Ornament for April - the horse from Nordic Holiday... ...

I used these two gorgeous Sajou cotton floss and stitched it on 28ct white linen.

This fulfills three other SALs as well -

                                              and is, of course, another finish for  DUCJFC2016.

Then, lastly for the Americana SAL, I have now finished five states for "America, Land that We Love" which is the American Sampler by Jean Farish which I am currently stitching for the SAL blog.   The blocks for each state are quite small - on 29 by 29 stitches - so I am counting each one as a Smalls SAL finish.

So, in all I have had a very successful Smalls SAL month, I think (it helps being semi-retired - so much more time for stitching and planning for projects - lol!)

Remember, if you want to check out what everyone else has been up to for the Smalls SAL, please click on the link.



Mini said…
Congrats on so many lovely small finishes.
Heather said…
Wow they all look great! I think my favorite is the Henry viii
Linda said…
Congrats on all of the super cute finishes this month Kaye. Darn, I sure miss stitching those little states. Maybe I will stitch them again separately and make them into ornaments in my next life.

Brigitte said…
That was definitely a successful month for smalls. Congratulations. When I see all your smalls I start missing my smalls stitching. During the last weeks I was stitching on my BAPs only, I might squeeze some smalls in between the BAPs :)
butterfly said…
Congrats your needle is smoking,
Love Henry and all your smalls.
Justine said…
You really have had a successful month! I love those little states.
Cathy said…
You've been busy! Love the smalls. All of your stitching looks good!
Crazee4books said…
Hello Kaye,

Well, look at King Henry all full of his very majestic self!
Not the most pleasant of historical figures, though very
colourful and a fascinating addition to any English history
novel. And evidently to cross stitch patterns too.
Especially with his jewelled collar and the gold trimmed
border and plumed hat.

The Nordic Holiday horse is a handsome fellow as well.
I've never seen that Sajou floss before. It certainly
brings that neat design to life.

And those little squares for your American Sampler are
so adorable and so detailed considering their size. This
one's going to be amazing when it's done.

Yes, when you don't have to fuss and bother with
the time consuming demands of work it's amazing
how much time you can fill with your favourite
pass times and how much of those you can get done.
It's nice not to feel guilty for spending that time
stitching, reading or whatever and to look forward
to each and every day ... instead of dreading it.

As you can tell ... I really, really hate being retired!!!!

Congrats on fulfilling all your SAL obligations in
April! Happy stitching!

Dear Kaye, you have a lot of great work for you! Congratulations, you're smart!
Lesley said…
Lovely finishes Kaye.I love your Nordic Holiday horse and your Americana SAL is a great set of designs.
Tiffstitch said…
Excellent work on everything!!
Margaret said…
Everything looks great! Love the states project!
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye as usual your work is amazing,i always enjoy seeing your beautiful work xx
Great work on the smalls this month. I am impressed by the number of the States you have stitched up already.

ps Update your finishes list in your side bar LOL
Cathy said…
You had a very productive month, Smalls wise anyway! I especially love the states ones.
Melinda said…
So once again I have decided I MUST HAVE The America Land Sampler - I love all your stitching and your choice of threads for the PS are perfect.
Sheryl S. said…
gosh, what a lot of stitching done. Just love your Henry piece, and that gorgeous Nordic horse.
Marie said…
So many beautifully stitched designs! I am a huge PS fan ~ your horse is wonderful.
You certainly are keeping busy with all of those SAL.
Amazing finishes! Congratulations, they look beautiful :D

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