Love Letters

Well, Friday afternoon, I came home from the dentist after having my back molar extracted, feeling very sad and sorry for myself!  So, what to do?  I know, take some strong painkillers, cuddle the cat, watch some trashy TV and get started on my Friday Frolics stitching and why not chose something for the June theme  for the Christmas Ornie SAL (Christmas animal/pet).

So, after a drowsy afternoon and evening - Voila!  Here is a little Noel piece, nearly finished!

and then, with a bit more stitching on Saturday morning - all done!

"Love Letters"
from "Joyeux Noel"
Blackbird Designs
28 ct Mocha Linen
My own choice of overdyed threads (as I had none of the suggested ones  - lol)

I am so very pleased with how this turned out.



diartemis said…
Oh, how I sympathise with you - I've had several extractions these last few years. Sounds like you did exactly the right thing, taking it easy and enjoying some stitching. The piece is lovely - what a sweet design x
Lesley said…
Hoping any extraction discomfort is lessening with each day.
Love your stitching.

Brigitte said…
Ohhh, I have this book too - no wonder as our tastes are really very similar :)) Your little birdie is so cute like all the designs in the books.
Good that the tooth that caused you so much pain is out now. The procedure itself is not so comfortable but now you know that this tooth will never hurt again. Pamper yourself still a bit :)
Vickie said…
ta da! Love it Kaye! I hope you are healing well my friend.
gracie said…
So pretty..nicely stitched
Linda said…
Congrats on the cute finish Kaye.

Bea said…
It's lovely.
Hope the tooth heals soon! At least you have a nice finish to show for the pain.
Margaret said…
Your color choices are wonderful! A beautiful finish. I hope you are feeling better now and the pain is all gone.
butterfly said…
Lovely stitching, love the colour change .
Hope you are feeling better .
So pretty! Really hope you're feeling better. That doesn't sound like much fun at all :(
Mii Stitch said…
So pretty, what a lovely piece!
Hope you start feeling better soon. Lovely Stitching! Looking forward to seeing more post :)
Happy Stitching!
Crazee4books said…
Hello Kaye, Hope that you're feeling better and the
extraction area is healing nicely. Keep those pain meds
close to hand and everything will no doubt be fine.

Your little Noel bird piece is sweet and was a good
distraction from your sore mouth I'm sure.

How cool to be featured in a magazine ... and be
considered an On Line Stitching Star. Very exciting.

That Village Alphabet (featured on Brigitte's blog)
is a stunning design but oh boy it'll be a lot of work.
I had no idea there was a place to go that'll find out
of print charts for you. Go figure.

Heather said…
Ouch I'm sorry about the tooth but the stitching looks great!
Julie said…
Hope your mouth is healing nicely.
Lovely finish
Wen Green said…
The embroidery is beautiful, Kaye! But ouch, your dentist story, that must have hurt!
Carol said…
I'm so glad your stitching offered some comfort from that tooth pull, Kaye. It turned out so cute and I do love your choice of colors :) Hope you are fully recovered soon!
Tiffstitch said…
A great way to cheer yourself up and I hope you're feeling better now. :)
Thoeria said…
Oh my goodness Kaye! I can't believe you managed to near finish that cute Noel after a trip to the dentist and taking pain killers! I'd have spent the rest of the day wallowing and feeling sorry for myself :D
Congrats on the magazine feature!
Sheryl S. said…
Lovely work Kaye, hope you are feeling better now.

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