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How we ate our way through Sydney!

We arrived late Friday afternoon in Sydney on our visit to see our DS2, and after a quick check-in at our hotel in Surry Hills, we went in search of a cool bar to meet DS2 for a drink.  

And I think that I met the brief with Salary Man, a cool 20s something bar that TraderVic and I happened to stumble across. It met with DS2's approval - phew! (Mind you, I think that we were the oldest people in the place, by at least 25 years! lol!)

Then we moved onto meet our DDIL (who luckily happened to be in Sydney on Friday and Saturday morning) for a delicious dinner at another cool place, The Owl House.  It was a real gem of a place, which I found just by researching Sydney Broadsheet online.

I think that I managed to win the coolness factor stakes with DS2 with my choices. lol!

The next morning TraderVic and I had a lovely sleep in (I didn't get up until 9.30 am - unheard of for me!) and then it was off to brunch with DS2 and DDIL.  Another cool urban space, this one definitely a favourite haunt of the twenty-something hipster bunch - again we were the oldest people there by 25 years at least!

I think that this was one of the most delicious milkshakes I have ever had in my life - Raspberry, fig and pistachio!

Whilst we were chatting over brunch, my DDIL put me onto this really cool app for photoshop people in photos, called MeituPic.  Scroll down to see the changes we made to our photos.

Pretty sure that I won't use it every time - but fun to have a play!

Then, it was time to bid a fond farewell to DDIL as she had to leave for the airport to get home to DS1 in Roma.

So, we decided to go for a wander around Sydney, down to Paddy's Market, through China Town to the Shrine of Remembrance in Hyde Park.

In China Town we bought some Emperor's puffs - yummy custardy delights!

Then it was time to head off to meet one of Matt's closest friends, my "third" son, at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) to see the Mighty Tigers get creamed (oh no!) by the Sydney Swans.

(a less than flattering pic of me - should have used the MeituPic App - lol!)

Unfortunately, the game was a bloodbath but watching the colour of the sky change as the sun set was amazing.

Then after the game, it was Pizza time!  We caught up with some young friends of ours at Via Napoli in Surry Hills.  This place is so very Italian and has the most fresh and delicious antipasto, metre long pizzas and nutella pizza for dessert! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Luckily for me, we had walked and walked and walked all day on Saturday (and we even walked back to the hotel from the restaurant), so that I did walk off some of all these delicious calories - I actually did 22, 575 steps on Saturday, Oh boy, was I tired when I finally made it to my bed!

The next day, Sunday, was another leisurely morning and then yet another brunch (I told you that we ate our way through Sydney!).

This time we went to Newtown to meet the 'boys' and had a delicious breakfast at yet another quirky cafe - Cuckoo Callay.

For brunch, I had "Gorgeous George" (as I don't eat bananas, I try to eat lots of avocado to get my potassium - or at least that is my excuse, lol!)

We also went for a walk down King St and checked out a few book shops.

.... and, of course, some stitching took place.

"Believe in Christmas"
Samplers not forgotten

Okay, kudos to you, if you have read this far - it has turned into a marathon post (only taken me three days to write it - lol!)

See you later, 



Lesley said…
a lovely visit with your son and some delicious food.It is no good being on holiday if you do not treat yourself:)
Brigitte said…
A marathon post, yes, but with so many details from your stay at Sydney that it was a lot of fun to accompany through all the cool restaurants and cafés. I also love that. A lot :) Such a great time that you could have with your son and daughter-in-law.
Mii Stitch said…
Great post :)
I am so intrigued by the Nutella pizza!!!
Sweet little crosses too.
Ariadne said…
Great time you had! Bytheway I had bought that book All the buildings in New York I have drawn so far to my step-son's girlfriend when we were in the States!Great book!AriadnefromGreece!
Vickie said…
Oh I enjoyed this post very much Kaye! :D
Kaye, plenty of good food, yummy .......
Thank you for sharing pictures from Sydney!
25 is just a number, thinking is important! Your thinking is young !!!
Ho, ho, ho .... it must be on the go :-)
Tiffstitch said…
Wow! What a lovely time, and sorry about the match outcome. That's how we felt about the gridiron football game too. Fun to go, but our team lost badly.
Looks like great fun! I love quirky places!
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye wow what a wonderful weekend ,love your pics and you always find the most amazing places to eat.xx
Bea said…
Looks like a wonderful weekend - good food, fantastic people, how does it get any better? Well, maybe a win would have helped. By the way, do you mind if I borrow the picture of the salad/muffin sign, with credit to you of course. I have a Weight Watchers group that would love it.
Linda said…
Looks like an awesome and yummy weekend Kaye.

Merry Wind Farm said…
Hi, Kaye, I wanted to check and see if you had received the Mary Clay sampler. Hopefully it finally arrived.
Margaret said…
Looks like such fun! I love weekends out and about.
Xeihua (Sara) said…
Seems tou had a great fun in Sydney and ohh my that Nutella Pizza looks soooo tasty :) and well done on still getting in some stitching time.
Von said…
Fun times in Sydney!
Barb said…
Now Kaye, this post has made me hungry!!It's always a good day when you can impress your kids! Good for you!
Melinda Forbes said…
You seriously have the best post. You always make me chuckle and since I do have this wedding (DD#2) this weekend I so needed it. Thank you
Looks like it was a great weekend with wonderful company and great food too.
Not sure about that app though, it reminds me of the toothpaste adverts where they just turn the brightness up!
Carol said…
Looks like a grand time in Sydney, Kaye--so much good food, especially those little Emperor's Puffs :) And I love your progress on the little Christmas stitch!

Hope your September continues to be a fun month!
Stitching Noni said…
Great post! Love all those cool and happening places you went to!! :o) What a lovely weekend you all had!
Hugs xx
Melody said…
My kind of break, love all the delicious food. Glad you are having such a good time.
Heather said…
Awesome pictures it looks like you had a great time!
Beautiful photos. Looks like you had a lovely weekend.:) happy Stitching! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations ~ http://christiescrossstitchcreations.blogspot.com/

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