At last ...

Woo hoo!  Much better news on the Friday Frolicking front this week. I actually posted on time!  As per our very loose rules, I picked up a WIP at random from my Girl's Nest (not hard to do as I am trying to organise everything at the moment, so I keep stumbling over WIPs and UFOs - I have given up counting them - lol!)

Anyway, this week I picked up a Eudora Design Christmas piece....

Share the Spirit 
28 ct green linen (it is actually a much prettier green than the camera shows)
Floss: Victoria Motto Shoppe Christmas Green and Christmas Red

For FF, I stitched the "C" on Christmas, the word "the" and half the holly border at the bottom.  So, I still need to stitch the words "Share" and "Spirit" and a holly border and a half.  I also reversed the colours, as the writing was meant to be green and the border to be a red ribbon with green berries(?????) - I think that my way is much better.

I had hoped to maybe finish it this weekend, however, today (Saturday) is going to be a busy day as I doing a dumpling making class with some girlfriends during the day and then going to a David Bowie tribute concert at Hamer Hall with some other friends tonight, plus I really want to get some more blog posting and reading done this morning.  But maybe tomorrow?

... and to finish on a less happy note, sorry! I think that I have just broken the little toe on my right foot.  All I was doing was stumbling out of my bedroom, half asleep, to go feed the cats and let them outside, when I misjudged the doorway and hit my little toe on the doorjamb - ouch!  It is hurting a lot and I am hobbling around - looks like I might be going out today/tonight with one ugg slipper on, oh such sartorial splendour - lol!

Anyway, enough rambling, 



CJ said…
Lovely stitching and I finally have a post for Friday Frolics.

KimM said…
Oh my goodness. Lovely stitching.....but OUCH about the toe! Hope it heals quickly.
Linda said…
Sorry about your little toe Kaye. Those little toes can be so painful. Many many years ago I went to kick my ex (he was drunk) and he moved and I kicked a solid oak microwave stand. That little toe hurt for months. Nice progress on your stitching.

Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye,oh I love this ,well done.
Ouch sorry about your little toe,hope it's better soon xx
Julie said…
Lovely stitching. Hope the toe is ok. Enjoy the concert
Kaye, beautiful new Christmas embroidery!
Red suits!
I hope that your finger will be fine! It is necessary to pay attention :-)
Very I keep my fingers!
I send greetings!
Great new start, I think your colours are much better. Red Holly and green berries?
Sorry about your toe, hope it is merely bruised, not broken.
Have a great night out.
Margaret said…
Oh dear on your toe! I broke my little toe once and it really really hurts! :( Hope it's not actually broken. I enjoyed your pics of your dumpling making class on IG. So professional looking! Everything looked delicious! Love the stitching too, of course!
Bea said…
Love your stitching choice - and your colour change. What has green berries at Christmas? So sorry about your toe. I hope it's not really broken and feels better quickly.
Carol said…
I know how much those little toe breaks hurt, Kaye! I broke mine while walking to relieve labor pains before the birth of my youngest son--just hit it against the leg of a table! That hurt almost as much as giving birth--ha ha!! Hope it feels better soon :)
Barb said…
Just getting to this today. I hope your toe is better. I broke my toe several years ago and I was surprised at how much it hurt. What a pretty little Christmas piece.
Von said…
Yikes! Hope your toe heals quickly!
Love your little Christmas design. :)
Great stitching! I agree, the green and red make a lot more sense like this. I really hope your toe isn't broken! There isn't a day when I don't bang my toes/elbows/shoulders/knees into something. You'd think I had just learned to walk! :D
Tiffstitch said…
Ouch!! I hope you're feeling better now.
Heather said…
Ouch I hope you're feeling better by now! I agree, the color switch is definitely better!

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