Christmas is coming, 2016 .... Part Eight

Well, here we are and it is Christmas Eve, here in Eaglemont, Victoria, Australia.

Are you ready for the big day tomorrow?  I think that I just about am, although I do need to make one final trip to the supermarket - oh no!

Last night, we had a lovely Christmas celebration at my best friend, Kim's home.  I made a Christmas trifle for dessert.

Both families came together to celebrate our long friendship and the kids young adults relived childhood holidays by playing some very noisy games of 500.  It was lovely to see them reconnecting at this special time of year.

While this was happening, a few of us wandered down to a neighbour's house to see their Christmas display - it was amazing, to say the least.

... and then this morning I rose early to finish my heart quilt for my dear younger sister as her Christmas present.  It obviously has the Milo tick of approval now (Furio approved it in this post).

I used this gorgeous repeating sheep fabric on the back.

I have been doing a series of these "Christmas is coming" posts, if you would like to check them out, please click the links below:

Isn't Christmastime so much fun?



Vickie said…
Oh your sister's quilt! You have done a splendid job Kaye!♥
Lesley said…
Your sister's quilt is stunning..I love the backing fabric too.
Merry Christmas Kaye.
Bea said…
So beautiful! Love the fabric for the back.

Those Christmas decorations are quite spectacular!
Tiffstitch said…
Wow! Great light display. We have a somewhat nearby house that rivals that one. Beautiful quilt too, and love the look of the trifle!
Brigitte said…
So great to start this blog post with a picture of your trifle. It looks delicious to say the least :) A wonderful quilt that you made for your sister with great fabrics.
Fantastic lights display at your neighbour's house, what a great way to round the evening off.
The quilt you have made for your sister looks lovely, I am sure she appreciated all the work and the cat approval too.
Heather said…
Wow the quilt looks great! And that house does too!

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