January WIPocalypse Update.....

Hmmm, I am thinking that my WIPocalypse is going to be an epic fail this month but let's see....

WIPocalypse is hosted for us by awesome SAL Mama, Measi's Musings.

Each and every month we have to share the projects we want to complete before the End Of The World.  

Following dear Jo's lead, I have chosen my "17 in '17" which are the 17 projects I want to focus on this year.  You can see the full list on this post here.1. Rainbow Gallery -  2004 Cross Stitch Surprise series (January to December)

So, this month I stitched on 5 of the 17 - not as poor a showing as I had imagined.  The five are:

Imaginating - Halloween Happiness - I finished the Moon for this month's theme for the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL.

Fabric: 28 ct orange Lugana
Floss: My own choice of specialty threads

Jim Shore - The Twelve Days of Christmas

Not a huge amount of progress, just a bit of border, really, which I am actually planning to frog, as I have decided to go with a variegated floss (on the left).  This, originally, was my 12 Days of Christmas design for The Christmas Ornie SAL, but this has now been superseded by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery 12 Days.

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - The Twelve Days of Christmas - Good progress here, Day One finished and some stitching on each of the other days.

Eva Rosenstaad - Danish bell pull - this one is moving along nicely, as this is one of my two Ten-a-Day projects.

Scissor Tail Designs - Christmas Charm - also progressing nicely as this is the second of my 
Ten-a-Day projects.

As for SALs and other Stitching Commitments....  I have just a few of those - lol!

First Saturday of the month - The Alphabet Club - we are working our way through the alphabet, the next letter will be S.

15th of each month - Gifted Gorgeousness - link up with anything which was a gift to you or is intended as a gift, you have given or received in an exchange or you can shoehorn into the theme of being a Gift!

New Moon - TUSAL - Totally Useless SAL -let's see how many ORTs we can create in a month?

Last Friday of month - Smalls SAL - Show off anything Small (you decide how big or small a Small is) you have stitched this month.

Last Sunday of month WIPocalypse - post before the End of the World!

Throughout the month I also have 
Kitten Stitching and the Friday Frolics, the Americana SAL blog, the Prairie Schooler SAL blog, the Tudor Tuesdays SAL blog, the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL blog, the Christmas Ornie SAL blog, and, for my sins, I have joined a couple of Facebook groups, and I have a couple of freebie SALs on the backburner plus The Six Wives Club SAL,  plus I try to post my stitchy progress regularly on Instagram, plus, plus, plus! 

I am also taking part in a more traditional SAL with Jo, where we both stitch the same design - The Drawn Thread's Spot of Seasons.  So far Jo has finished stitching A Spot of Winter and I have "lost" mine somewhere in my Girl's Nest! I need to find it soon, really soon, as on 1st March we will start Spot of Spring!

Dear Jo also runs some fabulous Blog Hops which I try to take part in each year. There are usually five a year; Easter, Summer, Hallowe'en, Advent and the next one which will be Valentine's Secret Stitching Sweetheart.  

So, lots happening for me in my stitchy/bloggy world each month.


P.S. If you want to see what the other WIPocalypsers got up to this month - please follow this link.

P.S. Feel free to check out my Easter Exchange - you have just a litte bit more time to join in the fun!

P.P.S. Don't forget to join in the fun of my second Girl's Nest Giveaway for 2017. Entries close on Feb 5th.  Good luck!


gracie said…
Well, now...you have done well. See you at the Secret Sweetheart blog hop!
Justine said…
I need to lie down! You sure are a busy stitcher.
Lesley said…
Lovely stitching,I especially like The Frosted Pumpkin piece.
Linda said…
Nice progress on all of your projects Kaye. I use to do alot of SAL's but they began to stress me out if I didn't keep up with them. I do much better just sorta doing my own thing.

Ariadne said…
Oh this sounds so much to me but congratulations for managing all this!I decided to stitch on UFOs and WIPs this year and occasionally take part in some exchanges and I am planning to keep it that way!
Kaye, you're the doer! Can simultaneously work on multiple projects, I do not know!
Bea said…
5 sounds like a good number to me and they are terrific projects. I'm surprised had how much gets done in the 10 stitches a day - you wouldn't think it would be so good.
deb said…
Looks like quite a bit of stitching to me! Just love that moon.
Barb said…
Lots of great stitching going on! and to think I am a one project stitcher!! I do admire your ability to multi-task!!!!
Stitching Noni said…
Great month of stitching Kaye! Well done :o)
Mini said…
Wow you have worked on so many projects this month. Good progress.
The monthly SAL pieces really do help with the WIPocalypse this year! Great work on the FP 12 Days. Did you stitch all that this month or is it from the 12 Days in December as well?
Nice long list of SALs too, they do help focus the blogging.
Julie said…
Well done on keeping up with everything... you have some great things as WIP's. 12 Days is fabulous.
Astrids dragon said…
Wow Kaye, you know how to keep busy! Everything looks great so far!
Wow, that's a lot of SALs! Gorgeous stitching this month, Kaye :D
Brigitte said…
Oh my, all these SALs, and they all sound so good. So you can never complain about being bored, lol. Nice progress on your WIPs - and there is even an oldie among them.
Sara said…
You have done very well in January!
Heather said…
Great post! Lots of pretty stitches :)

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