Happy 4th July...

... to all of my lovely stitchy, bloggy friends in the U.S.  May today be a great day for you all.

One of our board members is American and she had popped in for a meeting yesterday (the 4th for us here in Oz) and brought us these great cakes for morning tea - aren't they gorgeous?


P.S. This is my second post for today in under five minutes - if you want to check out my earlier post, about my trip to Camperdown in the Western District, please click on the photo below.


Vickie said…
These are awesome! I am glad she could share a bit of America with you all! ;)
The Cakes looks really awesome..that is so neat that she brought you 4th of July Decorated Cakes. So Cool Looking.

I just love reading your Blog...you have lots of neat Photos, and other things that I just love to look at.

Have A Very Lovely Day

Happy Stitching

Linda K
Margaret said…
Been catching up on all your posts. Enjoyed them all! Always love your alphabet ones, needless to say. :D

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