This week's Stitching Rotation ...

 This week I have kept a mini stitching rotation going ... I have worked on four projects:

1. I kept working on "'Twas the night before Christmas" from PS Book #63

2. I started "Warm Hands, Warm Heart", which is the January Ornament for the JCS Christmas Ornie FB SAL  - The Little Stitcher, p. 52 from JCS Christmas Ornie Magazine.

3. "Fa La La" by LHN, the January Ornament for the Christmas Ornie SAL 2018.

4. "Dancing Witches" by Needle Bling Designs for the January Ornament for the Halloween Ornie SAL 2018 - this will be a "Winged Creature" - an Owl.


However, I have moved on from the rotation today as it is Friday and time for Friday Frolics.

You can check out what I will be stitching on for FF, if you click here.



Tiffstitch said…
Lovely choices and enjoy your Friday!
Barb said…
Nice pieces. I love the Twas the Night Before Christmas piece. It looks like you are almost done.
Linda said…
Nice progress on your projects Kaye.

4 projects at once! I admire it! I do not know it :-(
Julie said…
'Twas the Night Before' does look fabulous Kaye.
Shebafudge said…
Great stitching! That purple fabric is gorge!
Bethan said…
A lot of lovely pieces - I love the little mitten that is forming x
Nice choices for the SAL. I love the little mittens, I can see why they were the top choice this year.
Justine said…
Busy lady! At least you won't get bored. I love the spotty fabric, just try some of that.

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