Boy, the month speeds by quickly as it now time for my October FNSI and IHSW reports.

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It is such a lovely idea - to be stitching with other like-minded people from all over the globe, no matter the time zone, all weekend long - bliss!  In fact, any stitching time is great, isn't it?

For FNSI, I found this project when I was rummaging around in my tub of (sometimes) no return. It is the very cute Bah Humbug  Surprised Snowman by Sue Hillis Designs and the the poor thing was just languishing there.  So, he became my Friday Frolics and FNSI project for this week/month.  

The last time I posted about Bah Humbug designs was waaaay back in December 2014 but this snowman doesn't get a peep - poor guy!  (Oh, my goodness, doesn't time fly?????)


After (and Saturday for IHSW):  Poor Surprised Snowman being wee-ed on by a puppy!

If you would like to see what the other FNSIers stitched this month, 
please click here.

On Sunday (New Start Sundays), I started another More Bah Humbug design. This one is called Broken Ornament.

So, that is my FNSI and IHSW report for this month.

If you would like to see what the IHSWers got up to, 

please click here.

Lots of lovely stitchy hugs to you all, 



gracie said…
I love the broken ornament piece.... I have not been cross stitching for some time now. I like to think I am just taking a break.
Lin said…
Nice stitching Kaye. xx
Julie said…
Nice progress, the snowman and the dog made me smile ... so typical of dogs, thy always do that (well my daughters does!)
Cathy said…
The snowman and the dog are cute, but I love the broken ornament! Nice progress on your new start!
Astrids dragon said…
I just showed Nathan the snowman and it took him a couple of seconds to get it, but when he did, he laughed big time!
Bah Humbug is great too, that would be perfect for my brother!
Bethan said…
What interesting designs! A bit different from the usual Christmas pieces I see x
Don't eat yellow snow! Words to live by.
The broken bauble is very fitting too. How many of those do we find each year, no matter how carefully you wrap them?

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