The coolest/cutest Air Safety video you will ever see...

I was doing some research for work yesterday and, is often the case, stumbled over this little gem!

It is Air New Zealand's new Air Safety Film based on The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings..... well worth a watch.


Have a great day everyone - I am off early to work this morning for a team breakfast!



cucki said…
Awww niceeeeee
Hugs xxx
rosey175 said…
LOL! I think I need more elf-filled flights in my life.
Valma said…
this is excellent !!
thanks for sharing
hubby who is a Lord of the Rings lover enjoyed this very much =)
Bea said…
Now that's thinking outside the box. Cute!
Denise said…
Thank you for sharing this clip it is really cute. I am flying to Seattle WA on Monday but I don't thing I will be seeing that Safety film.

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