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We have a winner!

Well, we have a winner of the Ladies who Lunch mini competition..... but oh, I need to tell you that I had a very good Australia Day on Thursday as I had not one but two Happy Dances.  Unfortunately I cannot show you any pics as they are both pieces for exchanges.  For both of them I took some freebie designs but then modified them to suit the exchange theme and experimented with my Cottage Garden overdyed threads.  I must say that I am pleased with the results.

Now, I was talking of my winner.... but, wait, my TUSAL update is late, here is my January TUSAL jar:

Do you like the fabric which it is sitting on? It is the backing fabric for the Love and Friendship Exchange piece (it is a lovely piece of quilting fabric from my stash).

Now, I was thinking of my winner when I visited my LNS and did some more Stash Empire Building and bought this absolutely gorgeous Mirabilia design

I  have started but, of course, there was some frogging involved.

And, I was thinking some more about my winne…

What I did on Sunday.... plus a mini competition

But first welcome to my new followers and to the new bloggers who have so kindly commented on my blog.  Welcome to my little bit of the world - sit down, have a cuppa, get out your stitching and let's have a chat.

[Now, this has turned into rather a lengthy post as I keep updating it and there are lots of pics but please read to the end so that you can enter in my Ladies who Lunch Mini Competition.]

As you know, at the end of last week I was feeling rather low with twisted ribs but my great blogging buddies gave me lots of support and suddenly it all didn't seem too bad.  Then on Sunday, I had a pretty good day...

In the morning my dear friend, Marie and I did our usual walk around Princes Park.  Here are some pics of the beautiful place which we are luck enough to enjoy every Sunday.

Then, later on Sunday, I went out with two of my girlfriends to celebrate a birthday.  We went to the Studley Park Boathouse on the Yarra River:

Yummy desserts:

 Views from the Cafe:

 Getting read…

IHSW - stitching done but sorry no pics

Well, I did stitch for the IHSW and thought of all my fellow stitchers across the globe stitching with me.  But, as I am still working on a Love and Friendship Exchange piece - no progress pics, I am sorry to say.

However, I do have a pic of Furio watching the tennis with me tonight:

Really interested, isn't he?


Feeling much better and a shopping success...

Thank you yet again everyone for your support and kind wishes.  I am feeling so much better this evening as I relax with DH and watch "our" Lleyton playing really well against Raonic in the Australian Open.

The shopping expedition was very successful today - my DS and I managed Nonagerian wrangling around the huge Chadstone shopping mall most successfully.  It was decided that a new bed was not necessary after all - just some big European pillows and a new doona set to cover up the possibly "dangerous" corners of their existing bedhead.

This is the design which they chose - it is very nice and subtle colours - my mother really likes cream and gold (and there is little bit of pink in there for me - lol!)

More hot weather coming our way here in Melbourne:

At least the Australian Open is on - Hot Weather + Tennis = Lots of Stitching Time - Yay!

My Love and Friendship Exchange piece is coming along well this IHSW but you will have to wait until it has been sent and rec…

Thank you everyone...

A big thank you to everyone out there - I have said it before and I know that many others share the same sentiment - but bloggy/stitchy friends are the best.  Your support and kind wishes mean a lot to me.

I went to the osteopath yesterday and she is fairly certain that it is not shingles (and there has been no sign of the blisters so far) but that the pain at the top of my front ribcage is to do with this pesky back rib I have which often twists when I carry heavy loads (like my work bag up two flights of stairs! lol!).  So, she worked on my back and front ribs and while I will feel pretty bad as a consequence for 24 hours afterwards, usually then it comes good - so fingers crossed that by tonight (Sat night) I will start to come good.  I certainly hope so as it is quite painful which makes me a bit (just a bit????) grumpy and I am really tired as I just cannot sleep properly with it (and earlier this week we had really hot summer nights here of 24 degrees - so sleep has been pretty…

Unwell again and I have failed!!!!!!

Oh dear, I think that I am falling apart!!!!!   I have a very sore pain under my right breast and the doctor thinks that it is either muscular strain (from carrying my work bag up two flights of stairs to my attic study) or else it is shingles!  I am hoping it is the former not the latter.  I should know within a day or two if it is shingles (when the blisters form) - something to look forward to - lol!

Also,  I am very sorry to report that I have fallen by the wayside and I have given up on the Ultimate Crazy January Challenge - so disappointed in myself.  However, I have to be realistic - it was becoming a source of stress rather than a source of pleasure.  Also, I have signed up for some swaps (and I do not want to be named and shamed!) and I have started some SALs with blogging friends, plus I work full-time and I have DH, DS1, DD, DS2 and DFIL to look after, plus I have blogs to read, swimming laps to do, BOOKS/KINDLE to read, DS1 to help move out of home (Oh, what a big …

I have run into a problem - any suggestions?

Hello lovely bloggers,

I am hoping that one of you more computer savvy bloggers out there can help me.  I was just merrily trying to add a photo to my blog when blogger told me that I have run out of space in my picasa web albums and I cannot upload any more photos!  Un disastro!  How can I blog and not show off my progress?

Anyway, what do other bloggers do to solve this problem?  Google says that I need to buy more storage.  Is that what everyone does, or can I cull from picasa to create more space?  And if I do buy more space, how much should I buy?

Please help!


P.S. I although I just managed to upload this gif from the albums - maybe the problem is the way I save and upload images?

... and the winners are....

.... now, I know that I said that I would give away one of these three designs:

But what the heck!  It is my last 12 Days of Christmas in Blogland Giveaway, so I am giving away all three patterns with charms to three lovely, stitchy winners.  So, here goes....

The first pattern, Santa

has been won by
Jo from Serendipitous Stitching
The second pattern,  Angel

has been won by 
Kimberly R (Kimberly, you are so lucky, this is two of my giveaways you have won in a row!)
The third pattern, Christmas

has been won by 
Linda from Stitching with my furbabies (and Linda, you, too, have won two of my giveaways - although not in a row)

Congratulations, ladies, I think that I might have all of your addresses but if I have lost them, I will email you.
Off to do Day 10 of UCJC stitching right now.

UPDATE:  Heather from Heather's Stitching Story is having a wonderful giveaway of LHN and CCN charts.  You can check it out here.