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Christmas in July swap - the gifts I gave....

As you know from my last post I received lots of Christmas bounty in the two Christmas in July swaps I took part in, but, of course, I gave to two people, too.

Firstly, I made these gifts for Anna (no blog), who despite being assigned to me in the international swap actually lives only a few streets away and as a result of the swap we have renewed our friendship (we had met once briefly before for a coffee but then life sort of got in the way).  How lovely is that?

The first gift was a stitched cushion finished with a lovely flannel Christmas fabric.

Gift 2 was one of these sweet Christmassy bunnies. (the one on the right).

... and Gift 3 was The Snowflake Tree, I was so pleased I found that I had the perfect frame in my stash - how lucky was that?

... and here they are, all wrapped and ready to go.

My second Giftee was Asta from Yarns from my Sewing Basket.

The first gift was a tin with an embroidered Noel wreath on the top.

Gift 2 was another Joy cushion but finished with a differen…

Woo hoo! Xmas in July gifts.....

Boy, oh boy! Have I been spoilt - it is like all my Christmases in July have come at once!  Well, at least two of them!

You might remember that the other day I posted about the parcels arriving:

So, on opening them up, these exciting parcels were inside.....

Finally, after a little bit of squishing, the big day came for opening the presents.  The first set of parcels I opened was from the Overseas Sister Swap, run by Kim from Wisdom with needle and thread.  Well, I found out that my giver was Kim herself and she was oh so generous, as she sent along some RAKs as well!

Now, you will notice that there is a bit of a theme here - cats!  So, let's look at the lovely gifts the wonderful and generous Kim made for me.

What can be in this box?

Oh my goodness, it is a miniature Furio on a sweet tiny jewel box.  Now, I am pretty sure that Kim made and painted this herself.  Thank you, Kim, I shall treasure this always.

Then inside the little black bag were all these very sweet Xmas tags/orn…