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Smalls SAL/Hallowe'en Ornie SAL update...

Well, here is my Smalls SAL update - a couple of days late, I am afraid!  As is often the case, my Smalls this month are related to my Hallowe'en stitching.  I am just scraping in for my July Hallowe'en ornie for the Haunted House theme but I am a day early for my August Hallowe'en ornie for the theme Black Cats, although my cats are not quite black but there is a ghost cat! lol!

July: Haunted House from the Side Panel of  "Halloween Days sewing basket" by Simona Bussiglieri of Mani Di Donna on page 89 from JCS Halloween Ornament Magazine 2015.

August: Halloween Cats - freebie from Kreinik, which you can find here.

I am very pleased with my finishing on both of these cushions.  I think that maybe I am finally getting the hang of creating a nice finish.

TraderVic keeps asking me why there is so much stuff in my sewing room but, of course it is full of my stash so that I can always put my hand on the perfect fabbie or ribbons or buttons or beads for finishing.  For…

Oh no! I have had two more ideas .....

.... I am sure you remember that a few weeks ago I had an idea - an idea to start a Christmas Ornie Blog.  Well, I have been very pleased by the response to this, lots of lovely bloggers have decided to join in the fun at the Christmas Ornie SAL 2015 blog.  (By the way, it is not too late to join this SAL blog, if you wish - just leave me a comment letting me know).

Now, I love these sort of blogs, you have all month to stitch a little something on a theme.  I find that it really focuses me and makes me so much more productive each month with my craft.

So ..... I was thinking.... and thinking .... and thinking .... and I came up with the idea for two more SAL blogs.  Oh no!  Or maybe Oh Yes!

Idea Number One:  An Americana SAL.....

I love what I call Americana stitching or what is sometimes called by U.S. stitchers Patriotic stitching.  We just do not seem to have that same sort of genre of designs here in Australia.  I think my love of Americana began when I studied American history in…

Xmas in July Gifts which I made and sent....

.... to three, hopefully, happy bloggers.  Here are all of my parcels piled together ready to post.

Now, this is what I sent to either Lyn or Michelle (sorry, silly me forgot to take note before I posted these two parcels). Update: to Michelle.

I sent these three gifts to Julie from Jewells and yes, she loved them - luckily for me, blue is her favourite colour!  (Coincidentally, Julie sent all those lovely gifts to me, I posted about last post for the swap)

.... and these three gifts were sent to either Lyn or Michelle.  Update: Lyn.

I hope that they loved them as much as I do - I love every minute of the making, stitching and finishing.
Thanks Cheryll for being an awesome swap mama - you can check out what other people received if you go here.

Christmas in July Swap.....

..... Each year for the past few years, I have taken part in two Christmas in July swaps, an Aussie one run by Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' and an international one run by Kim from Wisdom with Needle and Thread.

I have sent off all three sets of my gifts (pics in my next post) and I have received the two Aussie swap parcels (and opened them) and I am just waiting for the overseas one to come - it will be a lovely surprise when it does come.

So, without further adieu, here are my lovely gifts  (I can tell you, I have been wonderfully spoilt!):

The single parcel at the back is from Julie and the three at the front are from Ilene.

So, I opened Ilene's first:
See the gorgeous ornaments she used as tags?

The first parcel from Ilene contained this gorgeous stitched table topper and some yummy heart chocolates in a sweet heart tin (if TraderVic is lucky, I may share some with him - lol!)

Furio approves!

Inside the next parcel were some lovely Christmassy handtowels - just perfect for …

Ooops! Nearly forgot....

My Christmas in July swap!

I was so busy cooking and baking up a storm that I only just remembered to check it all out late last night! lol!
I am off to see my Dad later this morning (Sunday), so yesterday I decided to make some delicious food for him to brighten up his Meals on Wheels usual diet.  It took a lot of the day but was worth it. I find that cooking and baking meals for loved ones, soothes my soul - do other people feel like that, too?
This is what I made: Apple and rhubarb compote (I have this for breakfast with some yoghurt and a sprinkling of muesli - delicious!)
Apple-raspberry crumble muffins - my Dad loves something sweet with a cup of tea.
Pumpkin soup - the batch I made last Sunday disappeared within 24 hours and I like to freeze soup in portions to take for work lunches, hence the need to make some more.
Lastly, sausage rolls (I always add some zucchini and carrot to the meat mixture)
Now, loads of all this was made yesterday and I was the only one home for dinner!…