Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Gifted Gorgeousness_January 2021 Report


It is time for the fun SAL called Gifted Gorgeousness, hosted by the fabulous Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.

On the fifteenth of each month we post on the projects that we are gifting to others or have been gifted to us or that we can shoehorn into the SAL in any other way that we can!

In my last GG post, in April last year and in yesterday's post, I posted a Peter Rabbit baby quilt which I embroidered.  Well, I'm at it again but double trouble!  I am going to stitch on not one but two baby quilts for DD's SIL who has just had twin girls (she is now the proud mother of three girls under two - yikes!).

One quilt will have a pink spot binding and the other the bluey-green one.

Cute panels, aren't they?

Reminder: I am having a Giveaway, you can check it out by clicking on the pic below:

Well, that is all from me, please check out the other Gifted Gorgeous posts by clicking on the pic below:

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Monday, 18 January 2021

Fully Finished Gallery SAL_January 2021 Update

Hello all, sorry to be so very late with my FFO post for January 2021 (it should have been posted on January 10 and here we are - eight days later!!!!), but since this is actually the first one that I have posted since March last year, I am actually pretty chuffed that I am posting it!


Hosted by Rachel the Ten Hour Stitcher

This is a great SAL, designed to motivate us all to do something with that box of Finished pieces instead of just storing them under the bed or in my case, in a drawer! The idea is to link up on Rachel's blog on or after the 10th of each month (10 Hour Stitcher - 10th of the month)..... 

Now, don't worry, I am not going to show you all my finishes since March last year but I will show you some of my favourites.  

#1 In November, I FFOed this gorgeous ornament from one of my old Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornament Mags - I've been searching but I can't find which one - when I do, I will update you all.  This was actually stitched at the start of 2020.

#2 was also from a JCS Christmas Ornie Mag.

I am very happy with my fussy cut of the Angel on the back but I do wish that I had given it a good brush before I took the pic - lol!

#3, another one from a  JCS Christmas Ornie Mag.  This one is from 2001 and the designer is Earth Threads (whom I had never heard from before) but isn't it a cute design?

#4 and #5 are the same design but personalised for my two cats (Milo - sadly now deceased - and Furio).
A dear GF lent me the pattern but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the designer 🙃.   Update: Thanks to dear Jo from Serendipitous Stitching, I can now tell you that the designer is Brittercup Designs. 

#6 is also from JCS Christmas Ornie Mag 2001 (you can tell that there is a bit of a theme with the JCS Christmas Ornie mags, can't you? lol!)

#7 is the hand embroidery on this very cute Peter Rabbit quilt (a good friend kindly did the quilting for me) for a friend's baby (pictured).

#8 is a freebie from PinkernPunkin Quilting and Stitching called "Christmas Barn". You can find it here.  She has a whole series of them called "Barnyard Christmas". Just scroll down on the post to find the links. These are so cute and just great Smalls, I plan to stitch more.

#9 is from the 2020 JCS Christmas Ornie Mag, isn't the caravan cute?

#10 Is this very cute little Elf which I found on Pinterest and finished him with a cute Christmas tree button and a tartan bow.

For #1,  I chose this rather sweet design by Nikki Leeman from Country Cottage Needleworks (CCN) called "Visions of Sugar Plums" from, you guessed it, JCS Christmas Ornie Mag, 2009. The first pic is the image from the magazine but you can see that I changed it a little as I placed the phrase "Sugar Plums" above the "lacework".  The reason for this is quite simple - I am an idiot!  I made a fundamental mistake from stitch one by not centreing my stitching correctly - Aaagghh!  However, I think that I have overcome the error and with the help of one of my favourite ribbons (pink with red dots) and a gorgeous backing fabric, I have produced a pretty ornament.  Oh, and I also changed the pink in the rug and the wording for a deeper pink.

... and lastly, #12 is a Prairie Schooler design from Book #177 "January". 

So, that is it for me - twelve projects finished this post - over several months, of course! lol!

If you want to see what the other Fully Finishers got up to in January - please check them out here.

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P.S. I meant to remind you all that I am having a Giveaway - you can check out all the details by clicking on the picture below.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

FNSI, a Happy Dance and a Friday Frolics Giveaway....

 Oh dear, it has also been nine months (just like my recent TUSAL report) since I did a FNSI post - last April, in fact.  But, anyway, here I am again and I had a very productive FNSI as I managed to put stitches into not one by two projects and I have a Happy Dance for one of them - way to go moi!

Both of these projects I began on 15th January, 2015!!!!!! Yep, six years ago but as they popped up this week as my Friday Frolics projects they finally got some love!

First up is a Lizzie Kate design, "Well behaved Women" - as you can see I used my own choice of colours  and although some of the lettering is a bit pale, with the right fabric when I finish it as a cushion, I think it will pop!

As this was a Friday Frolics project, I am going to have my first Giveaway of 2021 of this cute design (no little button nor threads, though).

Giveaway "Rules"

1. Comment on this post on Kitten Stitching to enter (be clear that you wish to enter the giveaway) = one entry.  


2. Comment on the corresponding post on Kitten Stitching and the Friday Frolics (again be clear that you want to enter the giveaway) = one entry.   

[So, yes, you can get two entries into the draw]

3. I will post ANYWHERE IN THE WOLRD, although I cannot guarantee how long it will take for you to get it in this Time of Covid - lol!

4. Giveaway closes at midnight, January 31st AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

5. Good Luck!🍀

The second project which I managed to get two lines of stitching done last evening - but only because TraderVic and I bingewatched the third season of Cobra Kai last night - lol! ...

... is another design which I received as part of my The Silver Needle's "A Little Help from Our Friends Stitching Circle" called "F is for Friend" by Heartstring Samplery Design.

As I said, just a couple of rows of stitching but a stitch is a stitch is a stitch!

Click on the FNSI logo below, if you would like to see what everyone else got up to last evening.


Visit the new FB page  

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Gifted Gorgeousness_January 2021 Report

  It is time for the fun SAL called Gifted Gorgeousness, hosted by the fabulous Jo from   Serendipitous Stitching . On the fifteenth of each...