Friday Night with Friends_April 2020

The night before last was Friday night which means it was time for Friday Night with Friends (FNwF) the virtual stitching night which is run by the wonderful Cheryll.

This Friday, I maintained my stitching on "Quiet Please - Cross Stitcher at Work", which is a freebie from Needleprint which you can find here.

I am getting so close to the end now that I can almost taste it - and it is yummy! lol!

If you would like to see what everyone else worked on for FNwF, please click on the pic below.

Stay safe and well, my dear friends.
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Smalls SAL_April (and March) 2020

The Smalls SAL is hosted by Mary's Thread.  On the last Friday of each month we post about the Small designs that we have stitched in that month.  Unfortunately, I never got around to posting last month, so this post covers both March and April.
So, Let's See, what Smalls have I finished since the end of February?
Well, to continue my obsession with our two cats - I stitched them as Christmas ornies:



Here are two pieces together:

The design is from one of the JCS Christmas Ornie mags but for the life of me I can't remember which one.  Once, I do, I will update for you.
I also stitched this sweet bunny for the Easter Treasure Blog Hop run by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.

You can see what all the other Smalls SALers stitched by going tothis post on Mary's Threads.
Previous Smalls SAL posts for 2020:
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A letter to my father on ANZAC Day....

Dear Dad, I have been thinking of you a lot these past days leading up to ANZAC Day.  I think of you as a little boy....

... leaving England at just seven years of age with just your Mum to come to make a new life in a foreign land, mourning the loss of a father whom you never knew who gave his life to protect his country in WWI.
I think of you as a young boy, growing up in the working class suburbs of Melbourne during the Great Depression,  working hard at school but having to give that up to go out to work at fifteen but finding a father figure and mentor in your boss, Mr Murphy.....

I think of you as that brave, innocent young man who went off to war "as it was the right thing to do"  - your words, not mine - not knowing what horrors you were to face in the years to come during your incarceration in the infamous Changi prison for over three long years after the Fall of Singapore.

I think that some part of you, like those first Diggers of old, thought that this was, in part, g…

April 2020 TUSAL Report

Well, here we are again, time for the fourth TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch-a-long) Report for the year, when we show our ORTS for the month.

This year my ORTs are going to placed in this special ORT jar which was a gift that came as part of my  A Little Help From our Friends Stitching Circle(an autoship fromThe Silver Needle).
I have also decided to take each month's pic of the ORT jar with my objets d'amour (the things that I love). 
This month's orts are sitting in front of the ORT jar.  My objet d'amour this month is our very special chess set. The pieces represent the American Civil War and TraderVic and I bought them on our first overseas trip in January, 1986 in Harrods of London.

Just click on the button above to go to Daffycat's blog where you can comment and see who else TUSALed this month.  
You can visit the FB group
Stay safe and well, my dear friends.
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IHSW_April 2020 Edition

This past weekend was International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW) for April.
It is such a lovely idea, isn't it? To be stitching with other like-minded people from all over the globe, no matter the time zone, all weekend long - bliss!  In fact, any stitching time is great, isn't it?
You can take part on your blog or via the Facebook page -IHSW on Facebookor click on the pic of Hermie below:

My IHSW started on Friday with FNSI (another virtual SAL), where I picked up the UFO below.

It dates from about 2014, I think andis a freebie fromNeedleprint.

After Friday there was some good progress...

.... and by the end of the weekend, this UFO is now looking like this:

I am very happy with my progress on this piece - now to keep it up for at least the next little while!

This weekend I also stitched some more on the Peter Rabbit panel, which is going to be a baby gift for a baby who is due to be born any minute now.

March Miscellanea....

Each month I seem to have a number of random things that I want to share, so I thought that I would have a monthly Miscellanea post.  Here is my Miscellanea post for March (which shouldn't be too long as for at least half of it we have been in Iso - lol!) - Ooops, I was wrong - still managed to write a long post - lol!

More Foodim + Soical Isolation = Even More cooking and Food photos

In January's Miscellanea post, I told you all about the food posting app Foodim, well, it is certainly inspiring me to plate up my food nicely just so I can take a pic of it - lol!  UPDATE:  The fabulous Nigella herself "Liked" some of my food posts on Foodim - I am so chuffed!

So, here are a few of my recent efforts in the kitchen.... From an Eaglemont Kitchen....

Frehs figs from our garden....

Fish pie....

Fish and chips....

Coffee made on our
wonderful coffee machine....

Pizza ....

Roast pumpkin, garlic and chickpea soup ....

Old-fashioned rissoles ....

Breakfast for dinner ....

Roast potato and…