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Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hop

The absolutely wonderful Jo from Serendipitous Stitching has organised another one of her fun blog hops.  You just need to follow the links from one blog to the next, taking note of each person's letter (or in my case abbreviation/symbol/punctuation) and submit the phrase to Jo.  There will be a prize.

It is always soooo much spooooky fun!

So, here we go:

& As I said to Jo, I have always been fond of the ampersand!
Here is my little Halloween display - Halloween is not huge in Australia but my display is increasing.

So, now you have to visit the next Trick or Treater, have fun:
The lovely Jacquie from My Journey
Happy Halloween everyone, 
P.S. This is my second post in half an hour, so please check out my previous Smalls SAL/Travelling Pattern winner post here.

Small SAL update_October + Winner of the Travelling Pattern: Life's a Stitch

Each month I participate in the Smalls SAL run by Stitching Lotus.  On the last Wednesday of each month we post about the Small/s we have stitched for that month.  (A Small being whatever you like but just not a big project).

So, what Smalls did I stitch this month?

I have been busy with Christmas ornies:

It is called "Home for Christmas" by Gentle Pursuit Designs and is on p. 22 of the mag.
I used 28 ct "Flax" Linen and mixed the threads up a little lot as I didn't have most of the suggested threads. 
Then, just the other night I finished this little beauty. This is "Three Crowns" again from JCS Christmas Ornament Magazine 2014.

"Three Crowns" by Cherished Stitches (p. 86 of mag) Stitched on 28 ct Flax Linen Using mainly substituted threads (as I didn't have the ones called for) .
Then there is the missing one (see this post here) which has still not turned up and it was nearly finished.  It was the Pickle Barrel Designs Ornie from p. 21 of …

Day trip to Daylesford Part Three.....

Well, after our yummy lunch, we went for a wander through the art gallery.  Some very interesting pieces plus it was interesting to see the convent building itself.  It is also used for weddings and we got to peep at the wedding reception rooms, all set up for a happy occasion.

This glass tells you whether a storm is coming.....

 Crystals were starting to form which may explain the big electrical storm we had Sunday night

This room at the top of the building (closer to God) was the Nun's infirmary.

The view of the surrounding area from the Bell Tower.

 A nun's cell.

The old chapel....

The reception rooms for weddings....