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Guess who the Winners of .....

My Girl's Nest Giveaway are?  Well, actually if you scroll down you don't need to guess at all - lol!

Drumroll, please.....

... and just for full disclosure, yes, some lucky followers have one more than one prize, it was all done using the random generator and worked out that way because some gifts had only a single person or a few people interested in it.  But, don't worry, if you missed out this time - I am positive that there will be another Giveaway (#8) coming up very soon!
Giveaway #1_Cut Thru' Beach House Kit by Bothy Threads. (This is the full kit - fabric, floss and pattern).

from Stitching with my Furbabies

Giveaway #2_The Dust can wait by Juniper Designs. (This, too, is the full kit with charms, however, I did make a start on the sewing machine).

from No Blog

Just a couple of reminders.....

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2. Click on the pretty roses to find out what my latest Friday Frolic project to be rescued from the "Tub of (sometimes) No Return", during the Neverending Quest to clean out my Girl's Nest ready for the Big Move is:


October TUSAL....

Yes, it is a New Moon again and so time for some TUSALing!
Here are my Orts for this month:
(I used the Artista Impresso App on my phone to make my photo look like an Impressionist painting)
All of the ends of wool are from my DD's first attempt at knitting - I taught her only two week's ago - she is knitting a scarf for her boyfriend.
Below is a more conventional photo which shows all of this year's ORTs to date.

If you want to see the TUSAL reports of others you can find them on Daffycat's blog hereand on the FB group here.
.... and if you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, please click on the pic below.

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Over indulging.....

... in a pretty diary for 2019, that is.

Every year, in a vain attempt to keep myself organised, I buy the French Country Diary.  This is an absolutely stunning diary with gorgeous French pictures on every page.  Let me show you....

Gorgeous, isn't it?
Well worth the few extra pennies to have something so beautiful to use every day of the year.
Thanks for visiting and for all of your comments, I do so appreciate them.
Oh, if you would like to see what my latest New Start Sunday piece is, please click here.
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Here is my stitching/crafting pie for October.....

Okay, what is a Stitching Pie, I hear you ask?
Well, I am "stealing" yet another great idea from my dear Stitchy and Bloggy friend, Jo, from Serendipitous Stitching. Each month she includes a pie graph of which projects she has been stitching on - showing how much time, proportionally, has been spent on each one in that month.
I really like this idea, so I am copying it, thank you Jo, I hope that you don't mind, so here we go for October 2018 .....

Altogether I stitched for 7.8% of the month.  This is less than last month which was 10.3%, but I did have a few days this month when I did not stitch at all! October has been a busy month for me, what with 60th birthday celebrations, lots happening with the house (I spent a lot of time this month getting quotes for blinds, etc.) plus work has been quite busy, too.  So, I suppose all of that explains my lower figure this month.
So, what has all this stitching been?  Let's tak…