Summer Postcard Blog Hop

As usual, the wonderful Jo from Serendipitous Stitching always makes blogging so much fun for us all with her Blog Hops.  The current one is the Summer Postcard Blog Hop.

My postcard is from Sharon of Shebafudge:

 "Our garden has always been important to us.  When we lived in a 2 up, 2 down terrace with a tiny back yard, we filled it with pots to bring colour.  When we moved to our current address we cut all the conifers down and planted clematis, honeysuckle and climbing roses against the fence with all sorts of things in the one bed we had.  The yard has filled over the years with a variety of pots, plants, bulbs and baskets. 

Colin used to enter the Gardening Competition run by the local council and won 2nd prize one year and 1st prize the following year.  Sadly this fell foul of cuts and is no longer run.  Then we branched out into growing our own fruit and vegetables whilst we waited for an allotment to become free - 3 years we waited for our allotment!  

My favourite flowers include fuchsias (probably my most favourite EVER!), sweet peas, carnations, roses, lilies, irises and clematis to name a few.  I love anything that is highly scented.

This year our garden has gone absolutely mad!  There is one area on the way to the car whereby you can only JUST get through without brushing past the plants.  Considering this is supposed to be the full width of the house, that's not bad!  My favourite plant in the garden at the moment is the Potato Tree. This has grown this year, boy has it grown!  It is now the same height as the garage roof and about 8 feet across and probably 6 feet out into the garden.  It is covered in a mass of little blue flowers with bright yellow centres ("

Ooh, I wonder who will get mine?  My garden is in Winter at the moment so no beautiful flowers to show in my garden like Sharon's.  However, Spring is around the corner!



KimM said…
What a lovely and interesting post. The Post Card Blog Hop sounds fun…
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye i love your new look blog and the new header and your garden pics are so pretty,enjoy your weekend my friend.xx
Lisa V said…
Winter is the best, even though we don't really feel like we have had much of one over here in West Aus. Although we did have a lovely downpour yesterday and it's looking pretty wet outside today. Ahh the smell of rain in the mornings, love it!
Christine M said…
What a great blog hop. Sharon's postcard is lovely.
Bea said…
What a wonderful postcard! Sunds like a great project to be involved in.
Vickie said…
Wow! You can hardly tell Sharon loves gardening! ;) Beautiful stitch and gardens!!
Margaret said…
Lovely! And the stitching and garden match!
Thanks for taking part. Glad you enjoy all the different Blog Hops, they are so much fun to organise too.
We begin in autumn, you spring! Everything is beautiful, has the charm. Much joy!
Astrids dragon said…
LOVE the colours, what a beautiful piece and your garden is lovely!

Kaye, I received your postcard, I love it!
Thoeria said…
What a cheery garden :) Spring is finally here too should soon start seeing those flowers bursting out!
Hello Kaye, I know now that the two tt's on your card looked like a capital H and that's why I had trouble. I do love your blog, mine is Purple Pixie Dust. come over some time. hugs Lynda Ruth

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