Cafe Vue at Heide Museum of Modern Art.... Part 1

[Warning: pic heavy post]

I had the best day yesterday!  Two of my dear friends, Heather -

and Franca - 

.... took me out for a belated birthday lunch at Cafe Vue at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Heidelberg.   Now, this is no ordinary museum cafe as Cafe Vue is owned by the famed Melbourne chef, Shannon Bennet whose restaurant in the city, Vue de Monde, is one of Melbourne's greatest restaurants.  So, needless to say, this was going to be a special lunch.

So, this was our lunch....

Quinoa and mushroom salad - oh my goodness, so delicious (there is foamy goats cheese in there and  edible petals)

... then it was grilled rainbow trout with a freekah salad and greens - also delicious.  These two courses were washed down with a reasonable amount of  a French white wine, Sancerre.

Then Heather and I lashed out and had dessert, too.  I, natch, opted for the Lemon Meringue Tart

.... Look, the top of my latte is a teddy bear! So cute!

Heather opted for Banana and coconut cake.  I don't like bananas but she says it was yum!

We were actually restrained in the dessert department as we could have gone for the dessert buffet which looked gorgeous.

... but we resisted.

... and of course, there were presents.... (lucky me!)

I was given this great book on everyday life in the Middle Ages:

plus scent for the house - you know the ones, where you put the bamboo rods into the scent and it diffuses around your room.  This is in one of my favourite scents, vanilla.

Okay, off on my Sunday walk with Marie and my Sunday dog now.

I will bore entertain you with pics of the gallery later on, plus I have a finish to show you and more roses from my garden.

Have a great Sunday,



Margaret said…
I want to go to that restaurant. lol! Wow! Looks so yummy! Happy belated birthday!
Jacquie Morris said…
ooooh such lovely photo's..... yummy food! Heidleberg is a lovely place (if its the one in Germany!.. not sure if there might of been another one somewhere else?)
The bear coffee is adorable :)
Enjoy your beautiful gifts and belated wishes to you :)
smiles :)
marly said…
Happy belated birthday! My computer always gives me fits when I visit your page so I hope I can view the coming photos.
Linda said…
How nice to have a wonderful lunch and great gifts from such dear friends. Happy Birthday again Kaye.

Frances N said…
What a lovely day with friends!!
Oh, a teddy bear latte~too cute!! I'm afraid I might have gone crazy on that dessert buffet!! Looks yummy!
Christine M said…
What a special lumch, Kaye. Everything looks so yummy.
Wow! Friends, great lunch and beautiful day! Lovely! Beautiful book. love Annette
Vickie said…
Absolutely wonderful! Good for you. I have never seen a latte topped like that! My husband makes me several lattes a week. Maybe he can learn to make that on top?
Dessert Buffet? That's the place for me!!

That looks amazing! Glad you enjoyed your belated birthday lunch :D

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