Wolf Hall

I started watching the wonderful BBC series of "Wolf Hall" last weekend.  I am a real Tudorphile and I can never get enough of the Tudors.

One of the reasons, I love watching shows such as this and "The Tudors" are the wonderful clothes.

There is an interesting Vanity Fair article about how the costume designers ensured the authenticity of the clothes for you to read, here.

How many other Tudorphiles are there out there in the bloggy world?


P.S. I am such a Tudorphile that I even have a FB group Tudor Tuesdays, where a group of us stitch on our Tudor-related projects.


Margaret said…
Love the Tudors! Did you read the books? They are good, and it really helps to follow the storyline. I'm enjoying Wolf Hall so much! And the costumes!
Bea said…
I'm not specifically a Tudorphile, but a history buff definitely. I'll have to see if I can find this on one of the channels I get.
I love the Tudor period of history. Haven't seen nor heard of that programme though.
Barb said…
I am not especially a Tudorphile but I can't resist a good program that has plot based on history.
Stitching Noni said…
I have "Wolf Hall" taping on Foxtel.... just have to find the time to sit down and indulge! I remember as a kid watching "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" and falling in love with the Tudor period of history. If I had my life again I would be a historian and study the Tudor and the Elizabethan era's...
I keep meaning to stitch some Tudor designs.... but so far I just haven't got there!
Hugs xx
Marsha said…
I wouldn't call myself a Tudorphile but I find the time period interesting. Listened to Wolf Hall on audiobooks. Politics were so convoluted and cut throat And I always have trouble keeping everyone straight. From reading Phillipa Gregory and Alison Weir I'm finally getting everything in order and who's who. It's fascinating.
sharine said…
I didn't know there was a new Tudor series out. I loved watching the Tudors which got me reading a few books on the Tudors:)
Brigitte said…
I am not a special Tudorphile but I love period movies and series, and all the different settings and clothes are one of the reasons why I love watching them.
My dear Kaye, I identify myself with Tudorphile !!!
Therefore I have done cross stitch 6 women of Henry VIII.
We were series The Tudors. It was late at night, I saw a little of that: - (((
I wouldn't identify myself as a Tudorphile as such but it is a fascinating period of history which of course had a huge effect on the England we know today.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye ,wow those costumes are awesome,love movies of this era xx
I love anything Medieval! The Plantagenets, the Tudors, anything to do with this period in history fascinates me. You can find all sorts of great documentaries on YouTube as well! Really fascinating stuff.
This was a pretty good documentary.

KimM said…
Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive! Thank you for the reminder about Wolf Hall!! Gotta watch it.

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