August TUSAL....

.... only four days late!  (Hmm! Although if you count the fact that I missed last month - it is a month and four days late - lol!)

Home ORTs on the right, travel ORTs on the left,  you can see lots of lovely shades of white and blue from my Magnificent Obsession stitching piece.

... and here they all are - the whole year so far.



Bev C said…
Hello Kaye,

There is nothing better than a pile of thread ends to prove how much stitching has been done. I do love that crow cross stitch in the background.

Happy days.
Beautifully arranged!
It does not matter which, it is important that the filled :-)
Karyn said…
Cool ORTs Kaye, and you're only 4 days late...I still have to post mine...hanging my head in shame.
Your piles are so organized, and so pretty. The obsession ORTs, those colors just make me smile as they are so sublime.
Keep up the great progress
Bea said…
Nice ORTs - good reminder of work accomplished.
Heather said…
That's a lot nice job!

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