Oh no, here it is the 20th September already....

.... and I am just posting my Stitching Pie for August!  

Okay, what is my Stitching Pie, I hear you ask?  

Well, I am "stealing" yet another great idea from my dear Stitchy and Bloggy friend, Jo, from Serendipitous Stitching. Each month she includes a pie graph of which projects she has been stitching on - showing how much time, proportionally, has been spent on each one in that month.  You can see her August Pie, here.

I really like this idea, so I am copying it, thank you Jo, I hope that you don't mind, so here is my Stitching Pie for August.....

Here is the breakdown of minutes over the month:

Two of the above projects are knitting projects - the Pom pom twisted scarf and the London Blanket for DD.  There are a number of finished pieces as well, five in fact - In a Garden, Little Red Riding Hood, Train Baby Sampler, Believe in Christmas and Winter Wonderland.

For interest's sake, I added up all of my craft minutes for the month of August - and as you can see I really need to up my crafting game - too much red (which is all the other things in life that I do - sleeping, working, cooking, reading, shopping, exercising, socialising, etc.)

Anyway, I hope that you find this data interesting - I certainly do!

Thanks again, Jo, for the great idea.



Barb said…
Well Kaye, you definitely need more craft time!If I tried to do one of those charts I would have no craft time!
Ariadne said…
Really like those pies.I will have to try this too!AriadnefromGreece!
Great idea, really interesting to see how much crafting time you manage to fit in, hope that segment gets bigger for September.
Tiffstitch said…
Good idea to try out the pie chart and I know how you feel about not having enough stitching time. But you were also visiting a lot, so that makes it harder. :)
Stitching Noni said…
Love those pie charts.... but you so need more crafting time in your life!!
I keep trying to record stitching time and stitches but after a couple of days I forget to do it and then the momentum is lost!
Hugs xx
Bea said…
I'm glad you're doing a pie, I find them very interesting. but you do need more stitching time for sure.
I like pie!
I like the first pie but the second pie has too much other stuff! Surely you don't need to sleep so much?
Brigitte said…
Oh, another crafter who loves pies, lol.

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