WIP: Elizabeth I, Angel with two faces finished and Furio update

Hi everyone,

I thought that I would show you the picture of what Elizabeth I will look like:
and here is my progress so far.  Not much but you can see that I am working on the diamond pattern in red at the front of her dress.

Sorry, it is sideways but I don't know how to rotate it within a post - it is rotated in iphoto!  I will take another one next time, the right way around.  A long way to go but I have made some progress this past week.

I have also just finished reading "Angel with two faces" which is Book 2 in the Josephine Tey crime series by Nicola Upson.  And yes, the heroine is the author Josephine Tey.  An interesting concept to take the author of crime novels and make her the key figure in your own crime series.  It was quite interesting read these novels set in 1930s England.

Now, I have been working from home to day correcting page proofs which proved quite difficult as Furio (on the left) kept stealing my pencil and my rubber to play with!
Off to dinner with my Book club now.  We are going to an Asian restaurant in North Carlton - yummy!

Bye for now, Kaye xoxox


MysteryKnitter said…
So you got them both home again. I mean M and F.

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