"A Saturday night in Eaglemont"

Hi everyone,

I am home alone tonight (except for DFIL, who lives with us but always goes to bed early) with the two kittens for company - Yay! Eldest son is in Lorne with his lovely girlfriend.  My darling daughter is at work and youngest son has gone to the footy with DH - go the mighty Tigers!

So, I am planning to get lots more stitching done on Lizzie, watch some TV, at the moment I am watching "Great Film Romances" on Foxtel and eat some cake:

Pink Rose Marble Cake
So,  a good night is in store for me, as I snuggle under a quilt and start my stitching.

Bye for now, Kaye xoxox


Hope you had a lovely evening to yourself! I'm looking forward to having one of those... if I can ever get my hubby to take the kids somewhere LOL =)
Kaisievic said…
I did, thanks Lauren and I got lots of stitching done, even with Furio "helping". How old are your kids? cheers Kaye xox
MysteryKnitter said…
Happy stitching moments!

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