Some more older finished projects

Hi lovely bloggers, 
I thought that I would show you a few more of the projects I have stitched over the years.  As I look around my home, I see lots of items I have made.  As I am trying to chronicle them on my blog I am amazed at what I have made over the years.

Scissor fob
Sewing  Pouch - outside
Sewing Pouch - inside
Sewing Pouch - inside - close up
Sewing Pouch - inside - close up
The next five photos are of the birth sampler which I stitched for the births of my three children.  It is The Wind in the Willows and took me 12 years to complete (I was busy with babies, work and other craft projects in that time).  Sorry about the reflection in the photos, I know that they are not as clear as they could be.  It is one of the projects which I am most proud of completing.
Wind in the Willows birth sampler
Wind in the Willows birth sampler 
Wind in the Willows birth sampler - centre close up
Wind in the Willows birth sampler - bottom close up
Wind in the Willows birth sampler - top close up
 This last one for this post is the wedding sampler which I did for our 10th wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe that next year it will be our 30th Wedding anniversary!
10th Wedding Anniversary Sampler
Well, that's all for me tonight. I have a kitten to cuddle (Furio), some stitching to do (Baboushka - nearly finished) and "The Wire"to watch with DH and DS#1.

Bye for now, 

love Kaye xoxox


Siobhan said…
Wow, beautiful projects!! They're all lovely.

Have a good weekend!
Kaisievic said…
Thx, Siobhan. I love your blog, too. It is so pretty.
Kaye xoxox
demeter83 said…
They're beautiful, I particularly like the Wind in the Willows, where did you get the pattern from, my dad loves WitW and would love it.
You asked a couple of questions on my blog so I'll make an attempt at explaining.
Parking: When you pick a colour and stitch all of that colour in a row/column/square/section of your choice, then when you get to the end of the section of your choice, you then find the first stitch of that colour in the next section and pull your thread through and leave it 'parked' in the front of the material. Repeat with the next colour and so on, when you complete one section you go on to the next.
Cross Country: More my natural style, pick a colour and wander across the page with it until you've done all the stitches in that colour on the page. Basically you take your stitching across country.
Confetti: Those awful fiddly moments where you've got one or two stitches of each colour where you're starting and finishing a new colour every thirty seconds.
Long wondering answer, but I hope that helps (I don't give very good descriptions), if you want to know anything else, drop me a message!
cucki said…
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww very lovely projects..i love them all so much..sewing pouch is very sweet...and the birth sampler is very sweet too..very different..i love everything so much..well done dear..
keep well..hugs xx
that sewing pouch is just gorgeous, did you use a particular pattern? Also adore that scissor fob, I should make one of those, as my little scissors are always walking away from me,

Gill in Canada
Bec said…
Beautiful projects. Thank you for sharing them :) I love the sewing pouch, i could sure use one to keep myself organised lol
Joysze said…
The sewing pouch is too cute, Kaye, and I love the birth sampler.... there's so much detail in it.

Your wedding sample is very pretty as well... so sweet. :D
MysteryKnitter said…
You sure know how to stitch.

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