A tale of Lollies

Hello lovely bloggers,

I wanted to tell you my Lolly story.  I hope that you enjoy it.

It starts with the Lolly Jar at work.  It sits on a bench near all of our desks and when we get that mid-afternoon slump we all, individually, sidle over to grab the odd jube or snake or caramel.  Yummy!  Usually once one person has been, the others of us all find some excuse or other to have at least one.

Anyway, we all take it in turns, rather randomly, to fill up the lolly jar.  I usually do it once a fortnight when I buy petrol on my way to work (if you buy a few things you get an extra 2c off petrol if you are using a supermarket voucher - long story!).  So, last Friday, when I went to buy my lollies, the cashier pointed out that if I bought two packets of Allen's lollies for $6 I would also get their 120 years collectors tin.  I was so thrilled with this and proudly took the lollies and the tin to work.  As you can imagine, they were a great hit and so now with have a lolly tin.

As the day wore on, I thought - I want one for myself.  So, on the way home I stopped at the petrol station again and bought myself some lollies (which I gave to the kids) and gained myself a gorgeous tin!

120 years of Smiles 

The Smile tin filled with Lollies
Off to do some stitching now,

Bye for now,
love Kaye xoxox


cucki said…
hello dear, very sweet post..i love the jar with lollies so much xx
Joysze said…
It's a beautiful tin, Kaye... and oooh the lollies look yummy!!! :D
Kaisievic said…
Thx to both of you, I do, too.
Kaye xoxox
what a lovely story and a lovely tin. I have an OXO tin I cherish.

I too was in tears with Jack Layton's final letter. He wrote it a couple of days before he died.

Gill in Canada
Anne said…
When I'm finished with it for sure!! I also loooove the Tudors and am obsessed with all things historical. I stitched it on the recommended fabric and used the silks, my first time for both! When I'm done I'll email you for your details.

PS, you can add an email to your blogger profile that people can use to reply to you. If you feel uncomfortable using your personal one, you can make up one strictly for blogging!

Love the lollie tin!
mdgtjulie said…
I'm glad you got to get one for yourself. Nice acquisition!
Kaisievic said…
@ Anne, thanks so much. I have my email on my blog - where my Facebook profile is - scroll down the sidebar and you will see it.

@Julie, yes, very nice!
This has cleared something up for me, lollies aren't lollies as the British call them are they?
We call a lollipop a lolly, it can be an ice-lolly or a hard sweet attached to a stick. But these look like jellied sweets to me.
Is it like chips and crisps? Different names for the same things?
Weirdly enough I was watching an overseas version of a programme called "Prank Patrol" this week and they kept talking about lollies which looked like sweets.
Cute tin whatever you keep in it!
Kaisievic said…
Hi Jo,

Yes,it is a bit like crisps and chip. In Australia a lolly is any sort of confectionery. so it is jubes, snakes, caramels,etc.

What you call ice-lollies we call icy poles. We do have lollipops as well but they could still be called just a lolly.
I hope that this is a little clearer.

cheers, Kaye xoxox
MysteryKnitter said…
Lovely story. Lovely lollies too. Lovely jar.

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