Grand Final Day today!

Hello lovely bloggers,

Well, today is AFL Grand Final Day.  This is a huge day in Melbourne as many of the Aussie rules football teams are Melbourne-based.  Now, here in Melbourne Australia we are Sports mad - we have many large stadiums and the best is of course, the Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG or just the 'G as we locals call it.  We are proud of our homegrown football game which is the oldest code of football in the world (and we say the best of course).  You can read about its history here.

Yesterday, there was a big Grand Final Parade which 100,000 people flocked to the city to see.  There has even been some talk that the Friday before the GF should be a public holiday (so that people can go to the parade) or the Monday after (so that people can nurse their hangovers!).

This year the teams are Collingwood Magpies and Geelong Cats  and DH and I are going to my sister's to watch the game with a whole lot of friends.  This is very common in Melbourne - as nearly everyone will watch the game, even many people who are not interested in football.  For those who are truly not - they go shopping as the shopping centres are quite empty so they find it a good time to shop!

Anyway, off to get ready for a fun day.

Bye for now,

Love Kaye xoxox


cucki said…
hello dear, have a fun day :)
thank you so much for all your best wishes for the maloo..
i am so thankful for our friendship my dear..
she is looking better today and sleeping..
love you so much..hugs xx
Bec said…
Haha, I have no interest in AFl. I'm an NRL girl!
AFL just looks so unorganised! I just can't follow it lol

Hope you had a good day though :)
beagleAnnie said…
I'm sure you enjoyed the Grand Final Day very much. Holiday for a special sports event?..Not so bad.

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