A couple of blogging questions, a Great Giveaway and a new (to me) designer find

Hello lovely bloggers,

I have a couple of blogging questions for you and I wanted to tell you about a great giveaway.

First, the giveaway - Kathy from A Stitcher's heirloom is having a Giveaway - her first.  Check out her wonderful blog here to check it out.

Second, if you haven't already discovered this French cross stitch designer - Jardin Prive  - I have only just discovered this designer and website through surfing some blogs  but I am already in love and thinking of buying some of the designs for my stash!  Well worth checking out!

Now, to my questions, I have two:

  1. Does anyone know how I can get blogger to post with the correct date and time for my location?  I seem to be blogging on U.S. time and I don't know how to change it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
      2.  How do you all keep up with your blog reading and commenting?  I now have over 100 blogs (and counting) which I wish to follow and I just can't keep up with them.  I am trying to keep a real balance between my blog reading and my stitching and my posting (and family and work and reading and..... the list goes on).  Any tips for keeping up with it all and keeping it all organised? Again, any help/comments/suggestions would be gratefully received.

Well, off to do some more blogging and stitching and reading and baking and.....

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


CindyMae said…
Answer to question number 1"
Go into blogger and go to settings, then go to formating. Once in formatting, you will see Time Zone and you can change your time zone there. That should fix your issue!

Answer to question number 2: Good luck! LOL I follow almost 150 blogs and it does get a bit hard to keep up. I use Google Reader to keep up with the blogs I follow and just visit them when I can. Remember, you don't always have to leave comments either. Although we all love getting those comments, you don't have to leave them on every post everytime you visit! We all understand that not all posts will be seen by every single person that follows us and they all sure won't have time to leave comments!
Kaisievic said…
Thanks, Cindy - Number 1 problem all fixed! You are a star!

Hugs, Kaye xoxox
gracie said…
I just try to visit on and off during the day if I am at home. I would love to comment on all, but it is impossible.
Kaisievic said…
Thanks, Gracie - it is hard, isn't it? I was starting to feel the guilts because I just can't keep up with them all but as you say it is impossible so that is a good strategy to dip in and out during the day.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox
Rachael xxx said…
I use google reader and have google as a home page, and have google reader as a widget so I can see the new posts, I have seen your post via there, so hopped on over to comment.
But like Cindymae commented it is not always possible to comment on every post.
you can't follow everyone everyday, you just do what you can, people understand.

I have days when I don't reply to anyone's comments and then I have days when I have time and visit a lot of people's blogs.

You have to find that balance where you are comfortable.

Xeihua (Sara) said…
Hi Kaye,
Glad you sorted question one, now onto question two I tend to check new posts several times a day (basically whenever I'm in front of the pc, I'll go and have a peek to what other stitchers are doing, but as everyone else I simply can't comment on all posts, I try to comment as much as I can because a comment is always good, but I know people won't mind if I don't comment one or two posts, and I read them through my sidebar, I see who's new on top (I've them organized by most recent top)and read those :)
I follow over 200 blogs! EEK! Partly because I try follow all my followers!
I put aside an hour at the end of the day to read through. I use Google Reader so I don't have to go into each individual blog which saves time loading gadgets and widgets!
If I'm behind I will look down the lefthand side and see who's posted more than one post and read all of them first, it gets the total down quicker.
Commenting - I try to comment on people who comment on my blog!
I try to comment on people with fewer followers. If someone has 500 followers they will get many more comments!
I try to comment when a direct questions is asked (like your's!)
If 20 people have said "lovely stitching" already and I can't think of anything more original I won't bother!
cucki said…
hello dear, first question is fixed..now me thinking about the second question..i try to answer on all the blogs i follow..it is sometime hard but i try my best..
good luck dear..
going to have a look at the french designer just now :)
happy stitching.. xxx
Mangogirl said…
I keep up by using google reader and I just allow a time each day to read them. It isn't too hard... I don't always post comments on blogs. I post usually when I question is asked like now. Or to congratulate on stitching progress.
No matter what I enjoy the pictures :D even if I don't read all the words.
Anne said…
My tactic is similar to Jo's. If someone asks a question I usually respond. I also try and reserve two days out of the week to go through and comment. If I don't work Mondays it will be Monday and Saturday. Also, if someone finishes a piece, I usually comment. I too try and follow everyone that follows my blog and I have my blog updater thingy on the side that shows the most recent comments. If someone posts 3-4 times a week, I usually only comment on one of the posts, just because there isn't a lot of time in the day to do all that I want to do.

Hope that helps!!
Joysze said…
How funny, Kaye... I just posted a similar Random Afternoon Question today about blog reading. I try to keep up every day when I'm at work, a few at a time. It's the weekends that kill me, cos I'm hardly on the computer. So come Monday morning, BAM, it's a massive catch up list. ;)

So then, I try and whittle it down over the week. I'm usually caught up by Thursday at the latest, but then the weekend comes and the whole thing starts again.... LOL!!!

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