A perfect balance for IHSW?

Hello, Lovely Bloggers,

I think that I have found the perfect balance for IHSW, as I rest and stitch to get over my cold.

Sit in my stitching chair:  (Sorry, I know that this is a repeat pic from my last post - but I love my stitching chair - lol!)

And then rotate the following:
  1. Do some stitching - Isabella's Garden and Numbers Afghan and Christmas Eve Couriers are on the rotation today
  2. Some reading on my kindle - nearly finished reading "Shadowrise"
  3. Check out some blogs
  4. Catch up with some girlfriends on the phone
  5. Plan and cook a yummy dinner for DH tonight:  Morrocan-spiced lamb cutlets with Creamy Polenta and Mushroom ragout
  6. ... and a nice cup of tea!
Enjoy IHSW everyone, 

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


cucki said…
happy stitching dear..and have a lovely hermitting weekend :)
Xeihua (Sara) said…
That sounds a great plan for you to get better and to enjoy the IHSW :)
Anne said…
That's a lovely stitching chair Kaye!! I wish I had one like that....super comfy and inviting! Enjoy your hermitting and also, happy belated birthday!!!


I need one of those lamps especially now the nights are drawing in.....

Gill in Canada

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