Stash building! What did I present at the History conference? ...and a Giveaway (just because!)

Hello lovely bloggers,

Thanks to those who sent me good wishes re meeting my deadline - thanks to you all - I made it!

A couple of people asked what it was I was presenting about at the History conference.  Well, in my first career I was a secondary teacher for 28 years.  In that time I taught History, English, laptop classes, accelerated learning classes, worked as a level coordinator (which means administration of a year level) and worked in and ran school libraries - not all at once, of course!  This was a most satisfactory career but about 3 years ago I was headhunted to work as a History writer and publisher for an educational publisher.  The push behind this was the new Australian curriculum, which is being developed for the whole of Australia.  As you can imagine - this is a brave new world for Australian education.  The exciting news for us historians was that History, which had been slowly marginalised in the curriculum pie is now back in the forefront.  Yay!

So, at the conference on Friday I was presenting to a group of teachers about teaching the new Australian History curriculum in ancient and medieval history using the history books which I have and will be publishing.  So far, I have published two student books and an activity book - the second student book only just arrived on my desk this week - very exciting!

Anyway, back to my cross stitching news, not that I have a lot to report.  After being sick for 10 or so days and despite having an initial burst whilst I was sick of working on Isabella's garden, see this post  for IHSW, I have not done a lot of stitching.  As my cold lingered on, I found it hard to concentrate and then when I was back on deck at work I had to put in a few 10 to 12 hour days to meet that pesky deadline.

This weekend is a four day one for me - another Yay! - but yesterday DH and I went to the Osteopath together to have our back kinks worked on and then out for lunch with a friend and then took our DSs out for dinner.  Today it has been a miserable day weather-wise here in Melbourne and both DH and I have been feeling really washed out after being worked on by the Osteo, so I have just been checking out blogs and done just a little bit of stitching on Christmas Eve Couriers and I finally finished the last book 'Shadowheart' in the Shadowmarch tetralogy by Tad Williams.  This has been a long read (as each book is massive) but a really satisfying series with a fabulous final confrontation.  If you like fantasy, and you have the time, it is well worth reading.

However,  amongst all that - last Saturday, on my way to visit my Dear Parents, I did manage a quick trip to my LNS and bought some 'little' bits and pieces for my Stash Empire (as if I need anything more!) plus I couldn't resist the HAED sale and just had to buy FOUR more designs (I now am the proud owner of eleven HAED designs - I will have to live until I am a hundred and four to get all of this done! lol!).  So, here are the pics of my latest purchases below:







Now for the Giveaway.  I have had a bit of luck recently - winning a couple of Giveaways, so I thought that I would like to give something back.  On my recent trip to my LNS, I saw this Olga Gostin design, which just epitomises an Australian icon - a Queenslander house - isn't it gorgeous?

If you would like to win this pretty special prize - it is actually a kit, so the fabric and the threads are included - you can do one of the following:

1.  Be a follower and comment on this post.

2. Post about this giveaway on your blog and come back to this post and let me know and you will get a second chance in the draw.

3. Comment on any further posts that I publish between now and the closing date and you will be given another chance for as many posts that you comment on.

I am going to have this Giveaway open for a couple of weeks, just to give people lots of time to join in the fun.  So, this Giveaway will close on midnight (Eastern Summer time - Australia) on Tuesday, 15th November.  It is open to everyone - I am happy to post anywhere in the world.

Good luck to everyone,  off to do some serious stitching now!

Hugs, Kaye xoxox


cout me in on this one........if it's open to International followers? I love old I do live in one...LOL

I love the Lady Godiva kit, that is so neat.

I get the World of Cross Stitch delivered to me monthly. Mind you I am not doing too much in the way of cross stitch at the moment because of my hands.

Gill in Canada
cucki said…
hello dear, i love your lovely..and the biscornu is so cuteeeee cant wait to see your progress on of the charts are lovely too..
count me in for the lovely giveaway...very lovely kit.
lots of love for you and happy stitching xxx
gracie said…
lots of great stash!
SoCal Debbie said…
I enjoyed reading about your History writing and publishing. That must be very exciting and fulfilling for you to know you'll be affecting the future learning of all the Australian children!

The HAED designs you chose are beautiful.

How nice to offer a full kit as a giveaway prize! Please sign me up for a chance!
SoCal Debbie said…
Hi Kaye, I also posted about your giveaway on my blog!
Dani - tkdchick said…
How neat it must be to write about and talk about your passion!

Ohh the accolade! I have the version by Gitta's (Timeless Designs) and I've stitched one of the 12 pages so far!
Wolfie said…
You look like you've had fun stash hunting:) And the kit you are giving away is absolutely GORGEOUS! I am in! :) I have done a kit called Victorian Charm which is a typical English house with a few cats in it, and I loved it. Have not framed as I don't have anywhere to put it yet. I love doing pictures that are detailed, such as Tutankhamun which looks 3D when you look at him on the wall...Thea Governeur created the design, and I have also done her Nefertiti (another one not framed) ... sorry for the rambling:) hugs from Ylva in Orkney:)
lanybleu said…
The kit is gorgeous, thanks for the giveaway.
lanybleu said…
I have put a link to your giveaway on my blog
Linda said…
Hi Kaye, I am a follower. What an awesome giveaway. That kit is just gorgeous. I have never seen any of her designs. Please enter me in your giveaway.

Linda said…
Hi Kaye, I have posted a link on my blog for your giveaway.

sharine said…
Hi I love your new stash and if it makes you feel better I have 30 HAED charts waiting to be stitched.Please enter me in your giveaway to.
sharine said…
And I just posted a link on my blog to yours as well.
Anonymous said…
Hey Kaye,

I am a follower and have been for a while. I found you through Julie and Yes Dear's Ravings in September and have posted here:

About your give a way...I hope I
Chrizette said…
Thank you for the opportunity, Kaye. Please enter me - I am a follower :)

baychriz at gmail dot com
Chrizette's World
Jennifer Gail said…
I love new to me blog. I'm a new follower and would like to be entered. Thanks and Hello
Mangogirl said…
Count me in :D

I love the new stash. Though why does it have to be so expensive to get magazines sent over here!

Please count me in on your giveaway. I'm a follower, and I've put a link to this post on the sidebar of my blog.
Shannon said…
Very nice stash! :) I am a follower and would love to enter your giveaway.
Mary Joan said…
Nice lot of stash! I'm also a follower, and would love to be entered into your giveaway.
Mary Joan said…
I have posted your Giveaway on my blog on the right hand sidebar
Kate said…
I forgot to comment that I had posted about your giveaway yesterday! lol
lesli said…
Kaye -

Thank you so much for joining my blog and entering my contest!! It's always great to meet new people!

Please enter me in your contest as well. I've also added your contest post to my blog.

I love your new items for your stash!! I can't wait to start seeing your progress on them! :)

Happy stitching to you!

Rachael xx said…
Lots of lovely stash.
A lovely giveaway,but please don't enter me, even though it is a lovely design I know I would never have the time to stitch it, I am struggling to find my mojo at the moment!!
Thank you anyway!!
threadbear said…
Just catching up on my blogging pals and saw this - what a great load of stash you have got! Enjoy!

Would love to be entered in your giveaway - what a fantastic kit! Thank you!
Ashley said…
I'm a gfc follower.

hewella1 at gmail dot com
I love your stash :) and absolutly love the giveaway. Id love to live in a house like that lol
Wagapapa said…
Hi Kaye!

Am I in time to join your giveaway? Anyway, I have posted it on my blog's sidebar.

I have also posted my blogaversary giveaway :D

Have a good day and congratulations for your 100 followers!

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