12 Days of Blogland - Day 4 - A Happy Dance

.... I was right - today is Happy Dance Day - I finished La Belle Etoile.  Hurrah!  Finish #4 for 2011.  I am hoping that by being part of UCJC and WIPocalypse and the SALs I will be doing that 2012 will have finishes in the double digits.  Now, wouldn't that be something?  Anyway, would you like to have a look?

La Belle Etoile
A Threadbasket SAL
Stitched on 28 Count Praire Green Wichelt Linen
DMC threads

After finishing this, this morning I felt at a bit of a loose end (despite having WIPs coming out of my ears - lol!).  Luckily, I found this website Should be Reading and on W.. W.. W.. Wednesdays she asks these three questions:
 What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

So, here are my answers:

 What are you currently reading? "Mockingjay" Bk 3 of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
• What did you recently finish reading? "Catching Fire" Bk 2 of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
• What do you think you’ll read next? Hmm, not sure - whatever takes my fancy, really.

I can really recommend The Hunger Games trilogy if you like reading Young Adult fiction.  In an earlier life I was both a teacher-librarian and an English teacher so I acquired a taste for reading that genre of fiction.  This series is  really interesting science fiction- fast paced and imaginative.

Love to hear what you are reading currently, 

hugs, Kaye xoxox

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The colours of the threads against the linen are so beautiful as is the design. I can't seem to find a good book at the moment, it goes lime that sometimes.
Veronica said…
Congratulations on a stunning finish. I love the fabric you've picked for this design. Sets off the thread colours beautifully.

sharine said…
That's a very nice finish. At the moment I read whatever my daughters pass me. I have a few Enid Blyton books to read to my 5 yo. Hopefully they hold her interest.
Loretta said…
Congratulations on the finish!!!! It is beautiful!!!!
Shari said…
gorgeous finish!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
Chris said…
Beautiful finish Kaye!
Trace4J said…
Just beautiful Friend!
All the love in your stitches.
I also just Love your sweet header.
Woolie Stitches

Carin said…
Ohh I love your finished SAL, its so beautiful and I love those colors !!
beagleAnnie said…
Congrats to a great finish, Kaye. Really charming!
Shirlee said…
Oh dear ... I love this stitching! I am going to have to send an order to The Thread Basket I see even though I have a gazillion new things to stitch already ... lol! I love to read & have many books in my "gotta read" pile but it's difficult to balance reading & stitching! I've been reading One Simple Act by Debbie Macomber since way before Christmas. Prior to that I finished reading a book about Amish life ... The Amish Way. I received a few books for Christmas ... 2 by my favorite author, Miss Read. Also received Larkrise to Candleford & the book Cranford. Will probably read one of those next if I can pry the needle out of my fingers : ) Blessings, Shirlee
Lynn said…
Fantastic finish! After seeing this one on several blogs, I really wish I'd joined in on this SAL. It's so pretty!
Unfortunately my reading has fallen by the wayside as my stitching time has increased. I hope I can get back to reading more in the new year.
Shelleen said…
Congrats on the beautiful finish.
cucki said…
wow congratulations on your lovely finish..it is so lovely :)
love for you cucki x
I've been catching up on the blog updates! I love this sampler, I really liked the idea of doing the SAL but knew it was too much for me with everything else!
I'm so glad you liked the Coventry card, it was fun to stitch and send.
I am currently reading the Far-Flung Lands trilogy by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell to the large boy. We're on the 2nd one, Corby Flood. Recommended for great writing, lovely illustratios and some terrific imaginative names of characters!
mdgtjulie said…
Grats on the finish, Kaye. It's a smorgasbord of lovely colors. Great job!! As to the reading questions... Currently reading; Nothing (gasp) I know, I know, I just finished reading a book last night, so I have nothing in progress at this point. Recently finished reading: Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh (Book two in the Tempting Seals Trilogy). Read next: Killer Secrets by Lora Leigh (Book three in the Tempting Seals Trilogy). I love Lora Leigh, and her stories are so imaginative. BUT... She's not for the faint of heart. Her sex scenes are kinky and explicit. But her imagination is out there!! (I'm still looking for your Christmas ornie, lol.)
Anne said…
Congrats on your finish Kaye!!! It is such a delightful pattern that makes me smile!! As for the Mockingjay series, a friend of mine has read it and loved it. As a teacher too, :D, I like to read young adult fiction. It's helpful to be able to suggest good books for the kiddies to read.

PS, I've been meaning to ask you what famous lady is in your profile picture?

Stitching Noni said…
Love your finish on La Belle Etoile - well done!

So what am I reading - "A Clash of Kings" by George R R Martin. I recently finished "A Game of Thrones" by the same author and my next book will be the third in the series. I am re-reading this series after recently watching the "Game of Thrones" series on Foxtel. Hubby loved the TV series as well and he is now reading the books for the first time.
Enjoy your reading :o)


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