Christmas Festivities

Hello lovely bloggers,

Not much stitching has happened this week.  Partly because I have had a sore neck, partly because I have caught up on some reading today, partly because it has been rather a hot week here in Melbourne and partly because I have been busy with some Christmas functions.  I just love this time of year - although I must admit it is not great for the waistline.  And because my neck is playing up I have not been able to go swimming this week.  Had another trip to the Osteo today and she thinks that I will be right to go back in the water on Monday.

So, no stitching pics but I do have some other pics for you.  For our Bookclub Potluck Christmas dinner I made a Ginger Passionfruit trifle.  It was a really easy recipe to make - it is one of Nigella Lawson's Express recipes.  You can find the recipe here and here is my finished trifle:

But first I had a helper - can you just see Furio's little ears showing over the bench?

He is really into it now:

 The following are some lovely photos of my Bookclub friends (not all of them, though) - we have been meeting every month to discuss books for over 14 years now!

We had a really fun night.  

Well, off to cook dinner now and then out to see "Moneyball" with DH and some friends - so no stitching tonight either.  But tomorrow it is definitely on my agenda.

Merry Xmas hugs, Kaye xoxox


cucki said…
hello dear, i hope your sore neck feel better soon...
thank you for the recipe..trifle is looking so yummyyyy :)
beautiful pictures..glad you had a fun night..i can see furio sweet.
keep well and have a lovely weekend xx
Linda said…
The trifle looks yummy and I love your furby helper. Hope your neck feels better soon.
Anne said…
Mmmmm! That trifle looks delectable! I love the little ears peeking over the counter :D

I've never been in a book club but it sure looks like a lot of fun!!!

Lynn said…
Thanks for the link to the recipe. I told our stitching group that I'd bring a trifle to our Christmas get together on Tuesday. I haven't decided yet what kind I'll make.
Fourteen years, that's great that you have been meeting for so long. It must be a great group of ladies.
Unknown said…
Yummy trifle, will have a look at the recipe!

Wow Fourteen years of book reviewing, I wonder how many books you have read then in that time?

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