The quiet weekend that wasn't ..........

On Friday, one of my colleagues asked me what I was planning to do on the weekend.  I replied, "Nothing much, just a quiet weekend."

Then on Saturday and Sunday, this is what happened:


9am - driving to DS1's new home  (he finally moved out last week - the first one to fly the nest - sob!) to pick him up to go to Lort Smith Animal Hospital to acquire his new kitten (as he and his brother share Furio, he has made the Solomon-like decision to get his own little kitty cat) I suddenly thought to myself - "hmm, I think that maybe we are supposed to be going out to dinner with our friends Anne and Vince tonight" - I had better check on it asap".

9.30 am - Arrive at Lort Smith, whilst hammering on the cattery door - "Let us in, let us in, we neeeeeed a new kitten!, Please let us in.", I receive two texts:

          Text 1: My DF, Jenny - "Do you want to come check out my renovation on your way to Eva's big lunch tomorrow (Sunday?

           Me to self:  "Whoa! What big lunch at Eva's?  How could I forget about it?  My DF Eva every year hosts this most amazing lunch for all of her closest friends (about 20 to 30 of us).  It is a huge deal, how could I forget?????"

           Me to self: "Oh dear, there go my Sunday plans to clean out the moths from my pantry!"

Now I ask you, which would you prefer?  Cleaning out a moth-ridden pantry or having the most amazing lunch at a DF's house????         
            Me to DF Jenny:  "Yes, we would love to come see your renovation on the way to Eva's - see you at 12ish tomorrow."

           Text 2: My DF, Marie - "Do you and DH want to come have a coffee this afternoon with my DH and me?"

           Me to DF Marie - "Yes, of course. See you this arvo."

9.40am - Finally let into cattery.  DD goes gaga over every cat and kitten she sees whilst DS1 is checking out the main kitten cage.  DS1 sees a very cute golden coloured kitten that he wants to take a closer look at, so he opens the cage door and the most gorgeous little black and white kitten jumps into his arms, snuggles in and purrs like a geiger counter.  An owner is chosen.  

So,  with no more adieu, I would like to introduce to you the newest member of the extended De Petro family:


Isn't he adorable????

10am: I ring my friend, Anne, to discover that, yes we are meeting them for dinner tonight and that I am supposed to have booked the restaurant.  I quickly select a restaurant and ring Anne back to give her the details.

12pm:  DD asks me to go shopping with her at Doncaster Shopping Town.  She is coming to work with me for the next two weeks to do some Work Experience in the Marketing Dept. DD is doing a Media and Communications course at Melbourne University and this will look good on her CV.  So, she wanted to get a few Office-type clothing.  She bought some cute tops and a skirt in Target and I bought a lovely grey dress in Metalicus.  Don't worry, I had a gift voucher, so it was not an expensive purchase for me. We also had a light lunch at Coffee Club.

2.30pm: Home again -just enough time to put some washing on, read a few blogs, and a few chores.

4pm: Off to have a coffee with Marie and Tony at a French patisserie, Laurent.  I was very good and only had a latte as I knew that we were going out to a nice dinner that evening.

7.30pm:  Meet Anne and Vince at Monk and Me. A very nice Malaysian restaurant in Camberwell.  We had a lovely dinner and a really nice catch up.


9am: Up and at 'em to help DS2 pack for Thailand (he leaves on Tuesday). But first he had to fit a trip to Blairgowrie (a holiday beach destination near Melbourne) to spend some time with his girlfriend before he leaves - ain't young love grand?

12pm: DH and I visit our DF Jenny to see her renovation, which was just lovely.  Really well done.

1ish:  Arrive at Eva's for a wonderful lunch - fabulous food and fabulous friends.

6ish: Home again - fully replete.  Finally time to do a few more chores (still haven't cleaned out that pantry, though), organise myself for work tomorrow, blog this post, cuddle Furio and finally do some stitching.

Lastly, I just want to congratulate Stitching Noni from Fireflies & Cats in the Garden.  She is the only one who guessed what my costume was.  I was a gondolier from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gondoliers.  Noni, please send me your snail mail address and I will send you a little mystery prize.

Happy Stitching everyone, that is what I am planning on doing now.


UPDATE:   9pm: DD's boyfriend turns up after his Futsal game and we end up watching a great film, Morning Glory with the two of them. Lots of stitching on Cinderella gets done by me - so now I am off to bed happy.

What a fantastic weekend I have had - Life is Good!

Love to all my stitching buddies, 



Nicola said…
A very hectic weekend but all such nice things to do.
Anonymous said…
oh my goodness what a busy weekend,i am now tired after reading what you have been up to,lol.xx
Lesleyanne said…
You sure had a busy weekend. Lovely new addition to the family.
gracie said…
Busy busy! The kitty is cute....
beagleAnnie said…
You had a wonderful weekend with fabulous friends. Great!
so much for a quiet weekend, at least you got to spend time with your friends and family. The moths will wait for another weekend, eh!!

Gill in Canada
Shebafudge said…
It may not have been a quiet weekend but it sounds like a lovely one!

Glad you found some stitching time too! x
Shirlee said…
Sometimes things just don't go the way we plan, do they. Wonderful new kitty! Blessings, Shirlee
cucki said…
aww my dear busy bee..kitty is so sweet xxx
Wagapapa said…
What a busy weekend! Love your new family member :D
Have a good day. xoxo
Chris said…
Wow, My head is spinning!
I hope it was fun:)
valerie said…
Wow, what a busy weekend!Sounds fun though. Hope you get a bit of stitching in! Morning Glory was a great movie. I saw it a couple of weeks ago and it was funny.
Linda said…
Hi Kaye. What a jam packed weekend. Sounds like you had fun. Love the new furbaby.

sharine said…
I love those 'quite weekends'. Your DS kitten is very cute!
Ewa said…
Busy busy! Kitten is just too cute for words :)
SoCal Debbie said…
Wow! What a busy weekend! It's amazing that you fit everything in and didn't forget anything at all. Congrats to DD and his new kitty!
I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend!!! LOL! Love the new little addition to your family!
Jan said…
What a funfilled weekend. I'm pleased you squeezed in some stitching time too!
Joysze said…
LOL, Kaye. I was tired just reading about your weekend. :D Nobu is darling!!
Anne said…
Isn't that funny how a quiet weekend works sometimes!! That little kitty is so cute! Glad he found a good new home!!

Congrats to Noni! I forgot to post my guess, and to say what a cute costume!!
Kaisievic said…
Oh, never mind, Anne, Noni was the only one who picked up that it was a surprise competition. I have decided that I lke being a bit sneaky like that a surprise people.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

hugs, Kaye xoxox
Mangogirl said…
:D oh such a crazy weekend! Isn't it just awful when you forget everything and suddenly you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off?

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