Belated Easter post

Welcome to all my new followers, it is lovely to have you visit and I hope that we become great blogging mates.  Enjoy!

Well, we came home from America on Easter Saturday morning after having missed DS1's 24th birthday entirely by having crossed back over the international date line.  So, on Easter Sunday evening, despite our jet lag, TraderVic and I put on a birthday dinner for DS1 and for our dear friends, the Friends (yes, that is their surname, they are not Quakers).  Here are some pics of what I baked for my son:

Artichoke and spinach dip - which I think I may have used too much ricotta cheese in it - it should have been less thick, but it was still yummy.

Easter layer cake:
 Some Easter daisies which my DF gave me, they come from her garden, lovely, aren't they?  They are really long lasting as they still look really nice in the vase all of these days later.

Well, off to work now, have a good day everyone.

Hugs, Kaye

(Who really wishes that she could stay home and stitch on Cinderella instead!)


beagleAnnie said…
Happy birthday to DS1!
Your cake looks gorgeous.
save a piece of cake for me!!!

Shirlee said…
It sounds like it was a nice party : ) I would love a piece of that cake!
Linda said…
Great looking cake and dip looks yummy.


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