Do you remember? I promised a winner for my travel advice post...

Now, this is really belated, but you might remember that way back when, I asked for packing advice for our trips to the States. I promised that there would be a prize for the best advice.  To refresh your memory, here is a link to the post: Travel advice competiton.

Well, I was overwhelmed by the wonderful responses and advice - over 28 fabulous pieces of advice. Thank you everyone - you are such great blogging friends.

I found it really hard to choose the winner - so I have come up with three.

The three winners are:

1. Tracey from More than just Cross Stitchin'

"I don't have any advice as far as WHAT to pack, but a good friend of mine did give me this tip when we were traveling last year.

You know how you and your spouse usually have your own suitcase? Well, my friend told us to put half of your stuff and half of your spouse's stuff in one suitcase, and the other half of each person's in the other suitcase. That way, if for some reason one of those suitcases gets lost, you each still have something to wear!"

2. Jo from Serendipitous Stitching
"Tracey's advice is brilliant. I've heard it before and it makes so much sense.
On the same lines, pack a change of underwear and a small washkit in your hand luggage just in case.
Roll stuff rather than fold it.
Take old stuff to travel in and discard it as you buy stuff to bring home. ie go out with a suitcase of clothes and come home with a suitcase of stash!"

3. Wagapapa from Wagapapa Creations
"...... I also found this video that may help you to fit it all in:"

Now, I am not sure what the prizes will be and it may take me a week or two to get organised, but if you ladies send me your addresses, I will post you a little surprise in the not-too-distant future.  

Thank you for your great advice, Tracey, Jo and Wagapapa.



Tracey said…
Wow!!!... I was so surprised to read my name as one of your winners!!! Thank you so much, Kaye :^)

From your posts and pictures, it looks like you had an amazing trip!!
McKenna C. said…
Congrats to the winners!
gracie said…
Good advice from all....congrats to the winners
Anonymous said…
Great advice and congrats to all the winners.
Thank you! I bet it was my "abandon the clothes in favour of stash" tip that swung it for me LOL.
Kaisievic said…
@ Jo - definitely!

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