IHSW update

A most productive weekend was had by me, myself and I this weekend.  I caught up with friends, had lunch with DS1 (who moved out of home just before we left for the U.S.), did lots of baking and lots of stitching.  I would have to say that my IHSW was a great success!  How was yours?

Here is my stitching progress on Cinderella:


 I also had another baking day on Sunday:
Beef Bourguignon

Finger Buns
 Then, Sunday evening, as I settled down to work on my Sunday SAL with Linda and Debbie, I realised that I didn't know where I had oh so carefully put my 12 Days of Santas!!!!  (Sorry Linda an Debbie) So, as I had mentally moved away from Cindy for the evening - I put in a few stitches on Henry VIII and his six wives

I hope that everyone else's IHSW was as productive as mine,

Have a great week everyone,



SoCal Debbie said…
Oh Kaye, you are too funny! You MISPLACED Santa's 12 Days of Christmas?! Good luck finding him by next Sunday! Your Cinderella and Henry are looking great.
Linda said…
Great progress on Cinderella and Henry. Sounds kinda suspicious to me that you lost your Santas. I'm still laughing. Good luck finding them.

sharine said…
Both your wips looks fantastic. The fingerbuns look yummy.
Lesleyanne said…
Great progress on Cinderella and Henry both of which look great.
Ruth said…
Great progress on Ciderella and it sounds like you had a great IHSW.
Trace4J said…
Beautiful stitches Friend.
Dinner looks yum too
Have a great week

Cathy Pavlovich said…
Cinderella is looking lovely! Oh, and now I'm really hungry after seeing your delicious looking cooking!
Jan said…
Cindy is progressing well. Have the Santas turned up? Who designed your Henry? x
Kaisievic said…
@ Jan, thank you - no, still no sign of Santa and the Henry is a DMC design.

hugs, Kaye xoxox
Anne said…
Great progress Kaye on your Cinderella!! That beef bourignon looks delish. I have yet to try out one of the recipes for this dish, but I will one day!!
Ewa said…
Great progress Kaye, looks good!
Joysze said…
Stitching looks great, Kaye. Food looks yummy!! :D
Mangogirl said…
gorgeous stitching :)

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