Nashville Diaries: Days 2 and 3

Nashville Diaries: Day 2 - In the morning we went to church in the most gorgeous church - very impressive church buildings and a great service. Then lunch at the WaffleHouse afterwards. Then in the afternoon the guys went to a Vanderbilt baseball game whilst Angela and I hit the shops - safe to say a little bit of damage was done to the bank balance! Then we all pitched in to cook a delicious dinner of grilled pork chops, salad, asparagus and baked potato!
Day 3: Day trip to Huntsville, Alabama to the Space museum - the IMAX was amazing, especially the Hubble telescope film, it really felt like we were in outer space! Saturn V rocket ship was pretty impressive, too, as well as the Lunar landing module and lots of other things. I learnt a lot about Von Braun as well - without his defection to America at the end of WWII there would have been no moon landing! Fascinating! After our day trip, Joe and Woody hit Tootsie's and went Honky Tonk bar hopping whilst Angela and I went to a girl's night in and her lovely friend, Mary's house whilst we critiqued Dancing with the Stars.

P.S. I am sitting in Union Square, San Francisco, with the sun shining as I am typing this, drinking some of the best coffee I have had so far in U.S. - beautiful! Off to Alcatraz this afternoon.
love Kaye  (sorry no photos atm as i am having trouble uploading them)


dulcinella said…
enjoy your trip! seems like fun
beagleAnnie said…
Sounds great, Kaye. Keep enjoying.
Maureen said…
Your holiday sounds fab so far - hope you enjoy Alcatraz!

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