TUSAL and Saturday Baking

I have finally remembered to do a TUSAL posting - only a day late!  Here we go, most of thread is from my progress on Cinderella:

Yesterday, I indulged in one of my favourite pastimes (apart from reading, stitching, shopping....) and did some baking:

Spanish Chicken Casserole
 Mrs. Atkins Fruit Slice (as you can see it didn't even get out of the tin before the hungry hordes aka TraderVic and DS2 descended):

As well, I did lots of stitching on Cinderella but I will show you progress pics when I do my IHSW post. I hope that everyone is having a great IHSW.



McKenna C. said…
You have a lot of ORT!
I am so hungry looking at your pics now! :D
Can't wait to see Cinderella...

Linda said…
Oh yummy.

Linda said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
AnaCristina said…
congratulations for your blog!

i posted my tusal here:



good weekend
Shirlee said…
I have some brownie mix in the pantry. I think I will indulge today : )
Robin said…
I am so hungry right now...and your food looks DELICIOUS! Yum!
Lynn said…
Love your TUSAL jar!
I am craving sweets right now and your goodies look so yummy!

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